The main runway at Josep Tarradellas airport will be closed for two weeks for works

The main runway at Josep Tarradellas Barcelona El Prat airport, the closest parallel to terminal T-2 (aeronautically named 06L/24R) is due to be closed for 14 days in March 2023, just before the start of the high season for the airlines. . The reason: the completion of regeneration work on the surface of the landing and take-off ramp, which will be accompanied by an improvement in signaling and beacon lights.

The manager of the public-private airport Aena published this week the call for tenders for the project to improve the surfacing of the ramp to the Prata taxiway for an amount of 4.9 million euros. The airport’s main runway (built in 1948 and subsequently expanded several times) has a total length of 3,352 meters and a width of 60 meters. The deadline for the execution of all the work “is eight months”, according to sources from the mixed contracting authority.

The track improvement works are “necessary”, according to Aena, and a consequence of the deterioration of the pavement and the poor condition in which some basic boxes of visual aids for pilots were left during the last routine leveling. of the roadway itself.

Guaranteed alternatives

The action, which will be carried out to the millimeter in 16 phases and several sub-phases, will be carried out in coordination with the airlines and the handling operators (ground services) so that the works affect the operating operations as little as possible. . facilities and aerial activities possible. In addition, it will be guaranteed that alternative runways or taxiways will always be available. And that there will be no flight delays, delays or cancellations, beyond those expected.

The renovation works will concern the part of the road between tracks R6 and R1, with the exception of the junction with track 02/20 (the cross track that goes towards the sea), which will be treated somewhat differentiated. The intervention includes the milling and paving of the taxiway of runway 06L/24R and an additional action less than 90 meters from the transverse axis of the runway.

New wiring and paint

In both areas it is also planned that the beacon lights will be replaced and the base boxes will be replaced. In addition, clearances will be opened for the installation of new secondary wiring and the horizontal signaling of the tracks will be completely repainted.

The action at the intersection of the two runways (main and cross) will also force air traffic to be partially restricted on the secondary ramp, but intermittently and only for two days. Concretely, the restrictions on runway 02/20 will consist of a daytime closure of 4 p.m. (to proceed with the paving) and a second closure the following day of seven additional hours at night, for the installation of beaconing and signaling.

Consensus with airlines

Airport sources have indicated that beyond the purely technical works of the works, and so that the works affect the airport’s capacity as little as possible, “mitigation measures have been planned, always in agreement with the airlines “. Thanks to this coordination, the airlines will be able to adapt “the planning and programming of their flights” according to the progress of the work.

Thus, the works have been programmed in such a way that they are “compatible with maintenance with airport activity and have a minimal impact on operations”, added the same sources. – From AENA, it was recalled that the closure of runways and the rescheduling of flights is something “habitual during maintenance interventions” of the facilities of all airports.


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