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Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera oversaw the rehabilitation of 66th Street in the center of the city. During a working tour, he confirmed the resurfacing of 10,723.35 square meters of the section of 66th Street from 37th to 59th, carried out with an investment of 5,121,425.16 pesos, on a loan of 350 million pesos.

“In this way, this highway, which has great mobility and which presents a progression of 45%, joins the 122.60 kilometers carried out simultaneously in the police stations of Santa María Chí, Dzoyaxché, Tixcacal, Caucel and Sodzil Norte; as well as the works carried out in the neighborhoods of San Antonio Cucul, Nuevo Yucatán, San Pedro Cholul, Emiliano Zapata Sur III, San Marcos Nocoh; Fracc. Yucalpetén, Montebello, Villa Magna Sur, Magnolias and Montecristo, which already have more than 40% progress and a total investment of 337 million 804 thousand 366 pesos,” he said.

He added that the city council is also currently working on the construction of 5.9 km. roads inside the ring road, through the 2050 agreement, planned for this year in coordination with the state government.

Regarding the loan, he pointed out that it is applied in an efficient and transparent manner, mainly to public infrastructure to improve sustainable mobility, directing 75% of the 350 million pesos of financing towards infrastructure works.

He pointed out that the loan also includes the rehabilitation of the garbage and sanitary module of the San Benito market and the construction of streets in the police station of Temozón Norte; as well as the paving of streets in the Castilla Cámara, Morelos Oriente and Alemán neighborhoods.

This without forgetting, he added, the rehabilitation of sidewalks in the center of the city, the construction of rainwater drainage systems in neighborhoods such as Nuevo Yucatán, Montes de Amé, Pinos Norte, Bugambilias, Montebello, among others.

He indicated that as of November 30, 14.90 kilometers had been carried out exclusively for the construction of streets and cycle paths, the paving of streets and the reconstruction of highways inside and outside the ring road, with an investment of 17 million 394 thousand 68.88 pesos.

He indicated that the construction, resurfacing and rehabilitation of 12.63 kilometers of streets and highways are currently underway, inside and outside the ring road with an investment of 52 million 92 thousand 513 pesos.

“In addition, we will soon start paving 49.25 kilometers of streets and building cycle paths inside and outside the ring road with an investment of 155,400,960; and in competition we have 9.64 kilometers of street surface inside and outside the ring road with an investment of 38 million 665 mi 556”, he commented.

He mentioned that in road maintenance, 520 thousand 593.79 square meters of potholes were repaired inside and outside the ring road, which is equivalent to 65.07 kilometers of streets built with a investment of 66 million 654 thousand pesos.

During the tour, Renán Barrera was accompanied by the Director of Public Works, David Loría Magdub, who explained that the new pavement has a roughness that will make vehicle traffic safer, since during the rains the surface will not be slippery .

“This grip will make the pavement safer even for motorcycles that no longer skid if the surface is wet,” he added.

Regarding the works, María Elena Cocom, a neighbor of Calle 66, pointed out that thanks to this project the street looks much better, so she is very happy that it is repaved.

“The mayor is working well, we hope that soon they will put a cap to avoid accidents,” he said.

Alejandro Rendón Sarlat, resident of the course for 60 years, mentioned that the resurfacing of this street is very necessary because it is a relief street that is used by people who live in the northeast of the city and who need to get to the center.

“I am very satisfied with the work of the mayor, he does things well. And it’s good that now he takes care of the streets because they are the ones with a lot of traffic,” he said.

Finally, José Contreras Martínez thanked the mayor for the works because it is a street that many people take to come to the center, in addition to the fact that with this new face the city looks better.

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Editing: Estefania Cardena


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