The Ministry of Housing has started work to improve the buildings of the Archipel de Chiloé condominium

ANDThe improvement of buildings 1 and 2 of the condominium consists of the complete renovation of the coatings of the exterior walls and ceilings, the construction of a concrete driveway in the parking area and French drains with their respective chambers for evacuation rainwater. . Similar work will be carried out in stages, in all existing buildings.


The Seremi of Housing and Urbanism highlighted the measures taken to accelerate this work “we are committed with the delegate Luz BermúWe are determined to speed up the reviews of this project, blocked at the beginning of our management, with the aim of providing a definitive solution to families who have had to face critical events in their buildings, due to the harsh climate and the wear and tear of the structures dating back to 2008. It is therefore important to specify that these works will comply with the thermal regulations of the General Ordinance on Town Planning and Construction in our region.


The total investment of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning for the improvement of the 7 buildings amounts to approximately 1,666 million pesos (48,944 UF) from the Housing and Neighborhood Improvement Program ( DS27), plus approximately 11 million pesos (336 UF) requested as savings for the 224 candidates organized in the “Angel Blanco” groups of Blocks 1 and 2; Block 3’s “New Dawn”; “Our Home”, blocks 4 and 5, and “New Life”, blocks 6 and 7.

The description

The exterior wall cladding renovation will consist of the installation of a new metalcom structure, glass wool insulation, OSB sheet and pre-painted zinc alum sheet. The existing roof will be removed, to reinforce the trusses with the installation of new metalcom shores with their respective insulation, the installation of pre-painted zinc alum plates, gutters and downspouts and the repair of the ventilation system ducts .

The sponsoring entity that developed the project is Juan Carlos Fauré, as the contracting company in charge of the works is Leasing and Services P&P SPA Engineering and Construction


In mid-July, work to improve the co-ownership of the Chiloé archipelago officially began with the signing of a contract between groups and companies.

They signed the respective works execution contracts with the sponsor Juan Carlos Fauré and the construction company. Participating as guarantors of the contracts were the Presid delegateRegional official, Luz Bermúdez, the Housing and Urban Planning Seremi Marco Uribe and the Regional Director (S) of Serviu, Omar González.

The signing was carried out by representatives of the “Angel Blanco” groups from Blocks 1 and 2; Block 3’s “New Dawn”; “Our Home”, blocks 4 and 5 and “New Life”, blocks 6 and 7. The contracts represent a total investment of 49,280 UF, ofglossed at 48,944 UF provided by MINVU for construction works and technical assistance and 336 UF from the applicants’ savings, which were provided by the local Municipality.


With this important sectoral investment, it has been reported that the roofing and cladding of this condominium of apartments built in 2008 will be renewed, in accordance with the technical regulations of the General Ordinance on Urbanism and Construction for Thermal Zone 7.

presidential delegate

The Regional Presidential Delegate Luz Bermúdez, expressed regarding the urgency of the works “It was one of the first requests that I had to accept, so I must recognize the work of Seremi Housing that responds quickly, performs all the procedures and especially with a super important political will, to give a better quality of life to the inhabitants of this population so emblematic and so loved by the inhabitants of Puntarenas”.

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