The Ministry of Labor has suspended the works of cleaning the walls of Cartagena

MinTrabajo has suspended the cleaning works of the Cartagena wall due to the occupational risks for the workers. Photo: Ministry of Labor

The Ministry of Labour ordered in the last hours on suspension of the cleaning works of the walls of Cartagena (Bolívar)after checkingn Serious breaches of occupational hazard regulations, which would endanger the lives of those performing these tasks on a daily basis.

According to the portfolio, the territorial department of the MinTrabajo in Bolívar carried out inspections of work and social security of the staff of the School-workshop of Cartagena de Indias (ETCAR), who were in charge of cleaning the walls around the area of ​​Gethsemane, check that they complied with all occupational health and safety conditions and occupational hazards.

After several routine examinations, the entity found that employees lacked personal protective equipment to perform work at heightfor which the Bolivar Territorial Directorate of the Ministry immediately ordered the suspension of cleaning on the walls.

“During the visit, it was possible to show that the work at height was carried out without the fall protection measures, lack of or improperly used protective elements, rescue equipment and absence of rescue personnel“, detailed the wallet.

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Immediately afterwards, the Ministry of Labor indicated that during inspections it was also possible to check “the imminent risk to the safety and health of workers”so they ordered suspend cleaning work until employees have all the elements of occupational risk prevention.

Image of the suspension of cleaning works on the wall of Cartagena de Indias.  Photo: Ministry of Labor
Image of the suspension of cleaning works on the wall of Cartagena de Indias. Photo: Ministry of Labor

“We have decided to preventively close certain activities in these companies, with the sole aim of preventing these workers from suffering serious and fatal accidents. Obviously, an improvement plan is planned and will be put in place so that these companies can continue their work but without these workers being at risk”concluded the territorial director of the Ministry of Labor in Bolívar.

In a statement, the director of the Escuela Taller, Rafael Cuesta Castro, confirmed that although the cleaning work was suspended last Wednesday due to the lack of safety conditions for the workers, he assured that in a new inspection carried out last Thursday, November 25 by the Ministry of Labor, it was determined that in the coming days the cleaning work can resume.

“After having received a measure of paralysis of the activities of the Ministry of Labour, by Order No. 1970, the institution has submitted to this portfolio the documentation that accredits compliance with occupational health and safety standards“, underlined the director of Etcar.

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According to the School, once the respective documents were delivered, the Ministry of Labor established that in the following days they were able to continue the work of cleaning the walls of Cartagena, after observing and analyzing the documents given to them.

For now, neither the Ministry of Labor nor the school-workshop of Cartagena de Indias have pronounced on the exact date on which they will resume work.


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