The monument of Valme shines after the end of the restoration works

Last August, the conservation and maintenance intervention from Monument of Valmelocated in Plaza Menéndez y Pelayo.

In this action, a cleaning of the same, applying the necessary operations that benefit its conservation and delay the appearance of new stains of biotic and environmental origincleaning, treating microbicide and treatment protective From the surface. In the end, it was planned enhance aesthetic valuesgiven the importance and relevance of this historical and artistic asset for the city of Dos Hermanas.

Concretely, a superficial cleaning was carried out, loose debris, fertile land in unions, higher plants, using brushes and a vacuum cleaner; nail mechanical cleaningremoving encrusted dirt, mainly biogenic black scabsgenerated by environmental fouling and lichenization and cleaning joints of plates that have sealant material that is in poor condition, loose or currently non-functional, using brushes, soft wire brushes, compressor, surgical instruments.

Additionally, there was a wet and chemical cleaningto remove the residual carbonation stains and products of runoff, impregnated in limestone and marble, thanks to the use of specific neutral solutions and papetates. In addition, it was applied biocidal treatmentthey are open joints saved (after a thorough cleaning of it), they were placed screws in the east facing plateapplying antioxidant protection on the screws and performed a general tightness. Finally, there was a change in the on the ground which delimits the central staircase of the monument, to prevent stains from appearing in the future caused by the minerals of the previously existing earth.

This intervention in the Valme monument, promoted by the Two Sisters Town Hallwas executed by the Nazarene Crest Art Company, specializing in conservation, maintenance and restoration. This company has carried out important interventions such as those of the Dome of the Main Sacristy of the Cathedral of Seville, the Roman Theater of Malaga, the Baths of María de Patilla and the historic fountains of the Real Alcázar of Seville, the dolmens of Menga and Soto or the Staircase of the General Captaincy in the Plaza de España in Seville.

monument from 1970

East monument de Valme, the execution of which dates from 1970was entrusted to the company Vincent Coloma Llorensbeing the sculpture of the Virgin work of Andres Alvarez Cobos. The pattern del was the work of the municipal quantity surveyor Pablo Gomez Gomez.

In this one, the Virgin appears seated on a jamuga with him Boy seated on his left leg, both crowned. The Virgin is represented with the coatThe royal shields and the crowns that the Town Hall of Dos Hermanas had given her in 1966. The Virgin appears raised on a capital supported by four naked children.

The stairs is made with polished white marble slabs; the pedestal and pillar by cut, unpolished limestone slabs, partially bush-hammered in the palmette decorations of the mouldings. The sculpture was executed by carved limestone, bush-hammered clothes and jamuga. In the lower part of the monument are four memorial plaques in white marble. Three of them have incised inscriptions, and the other polished and carved in bas-relief with the former coat of arms of Dos Hermanas. All plates have bronze pyramid studs in their corners.

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