The most demanded and best paid jobs in Barcelona

The Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with Infojobs, has produced a report this year on the most sought-after and best-paid professions in the Catalan capital. Either for those who have university or FP studies. The conclusion, at the outset, is that in either of the two fields, jobs related to computing and technology present better opportunities.

The aim of the report is to provide students, their families and people reorienting their professional careers with objective data on job offers on the labor market by profession and level of study, as well as than salaries associated with the same job offers. All this information should be used so that young people can choose their future training knowing better the real labor market demand for the chosen option and the salary expectations. The goal is not to direct students to study towards what they do not want, but rather that those who have doubts have all the information at their disposal to make the best decision, according to the Chamber of Commerce.

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