The municipality has planned lighting, patching and fumigation works in the city

Jobs in Santa Fe

The Municipality is moving forward with the weekly schedule of fumigation in different sectors of the provincial capital. As indicated, the work is carried out in the morning and afternoon, in public spaces and corridors of the provincial capital. As usual, low toxicity insecticides are used.

Work is scheduled for tomorrow in Parque del Sur, Parque de La Constitución, CARD area, Parque Garay, Cantero Central on Pellegrini Boulevard, United Nations (from Pellegrini Boulevard to Suipacha), Predio de la Belgrano Gare , the green spaces of Vélez Sarsfield, Ciclovía III (parallel to the road from Vélez Sarsfield to Pedro Vittori) and the neighborhoods of the northeast quarter of the city (Plaza Judiciales, Plaza Cossettini, Plaza del Quartier Altos del Valle, Plaza de San Lorenzo and Los Cedros, Plaza Nueva Santa Fe, Plaza de Facundo Zuviría and Nogales, Plaza de La Salle and Pasaje Simoniello, Plaza de Pasaje Puerto Argentino and Juan Diaz de Solís).

It should be remembered that in case of rain, the service is suspended. In addition, the schedule is subject to change, as needed.


The program, carried out since the beginning of the year, is being carried out in phases, focusing on areas of the city with the greatest traffic.

Currently working on:

  • Pedro Ferré and General Paz
  • Pedro Ferré and Alberdi
  • Luciano Torrent and Sarmiento
  • José Maria Gutierrez and Alberdi
  • Javier de la Rosa, between Aristóbulo del Valle and Las Heras
  • Lavaisse, between May 1st and Facundo Zuviria
  • Aguado and the passage Luis and Nilda Silva
  • Salustiano Zavalía and Governor Cabal
  • San Jose and Catamarca
  • January 4, between President Roca and Ricardo Aldao
  • Ricardo Aldao, between the Dominican Republic and Urquiza
  • Mitre, between Iturraspe and Cordoba
  • Pedro de Vega, between Governor Freyre and Facundo Zuviria
  • San Lorenzo, between Pedro de Vega and Ricardo Aldao
  • Saavedra, between Gorostiaga and Ricardo Aldao
  • Mosconi, between Juan de Garay and Salta

Remember that in case of rain, the tasks are suspended.


As part of the Santa Fe Illuminates plan, the municipality is dedicated to recovering existing lighting throughout the city. The municipal teams are working on the placement of new lighting columns and led artefacts in different neighborhoods and avenues. The missions will be carried out in:

  • French and Peñaloza, to the west
  • Passage of engineers, from Estanislao Zeballos to Risso
  • Rivadavia, from Galicia to Javier de la Rosa

Animal castrations

The Municipality offers scabies treatment services, cures, deworming, ATB and castrations free of charge and on a first come, first served basis. In the case of castrations, they are carried out in turn, which is issued in the same place, at the time of opening.

This week the focus will be on:

  • IMUSA I, Parc Juan de Garay (Bishop Gelabert 3691), from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • IMUSA II, Botanical Garden (San José 8400), from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • IMUSA III, La Tablada (Lieutenant Loza 6970), from 8 to 13
  • La Costa district, Colastiné (Calle Víctor Lucca and Calle González), from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

It is recalled that for castrations, animals must be fasting for 12 hours, both solid and liquid, and be over 6 months old. Females can be in heat, but not pregnant or less than 60 days postpartum.

It is also requested that dogs be kept on a leash and cats in a box or transport backpack. It is necessary to bring a blanket to keep them warm.

It is also specified that on rainy days the service is not suspended but special precautions must be taken so that the animals do not get wet from having intervened. The veterinary professional may suspend the intervention in any particular case, for animal health reasons or for lack of the required conditions.

Source: Municipality

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