The Navy will receive the S-81 Isaac Peral in a few months, but how is work going on the rest of the S-80 class submarines?

in the absence of barely A few months after the Navy finally receives the S-81 Isaac Peral (April if the deadlines are met), the first of the S-80 class submarines that the Navy will have, in what situation are the three other “brothers” that Navantia is building in its Cartagena shipyards?

The first of these will be the S-82, which will receive the name of Narciso Monturiol, and it should be delivered to the Navy in December 2024, that is to say within two years. But how is its construction progressing? Obviously, neither Navantia nor the Ministry of Defense reports on every step taken in such a long and complex process marked by certain milestones. The last one took place just a year ago, when the manufacture of the sail was finished and in early December it was transported by ship to the shipyard in Cartagena, where it was installed.


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