The new ‘ArteFábrica’ room of Rafael Azcona will allow works related to illustration and books


The the new ‘ArteFábrica’ room of the Rafael Azcona Municipal Library will allow anyone interested to develop works related to illustration and book arts, including the self-publishing of volumes. The The mayor of Logroño, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, together with the councilor for culture, Carmen Urquía, and the director of the library, Esther Felipe, inaugurated this space this Thursday.

A) Yes, the first mayor pointed out that “Logroño already has a public space to create art around the world of the book”. “In this document – he added – You can learn how to bind a book, how to print a cover or a t-shirt, what are the steps to self-publish your own book, how to illustrate a story and many other possibilities.

The The ArteFábrica Room is located on the second floor of the Municipal Library and is equipped with the appropriate equipment and furniture to carry out different tasks related to illustration and book arts.

The The reform of the room, explained the mayor, “is based on the ‘maker’ philosophy, conceived as a collaborative space between users where they can create and develop works related to illustration and the book arts, meet people with similar interests, exploring new technologies and learning by doing, in addition to developing a passion for reading“.

In the overall project to imagine a more versatile, flexible and inclusive library, we have created a complete library model where the spaces are configured according to the versatility, versatility and modularity of the pieces that compose it.“, underlined Pablo Hermoso of Mendoza.

Under this concept, had an impact, “the Art Factory room was designed, providing it with spaces, tools, materials and furniture to develop activities related to book art such as digital design, screen printing, woodblock printing, linoleum engraving, printing and binding, as well as computer equipment and equipment and laser technologies”.


Nail The chamber area has been conditioned with water pipes, sink, insulating screens, among other elements, for the cleaning of materials used by users. The use of this space will be defined according to three modalities, individual project, collective project and the modality of associations and entities.

The The ArteFábrica space will also be open to different artists to give workshops, as part of non-profit actions or through projects of creativity and learning interesting Logroño.

The director of the Rafael Azcona Library, Esther Felipe, explained that to use the ArteFábrica space it will be necessary to fill out an application form and propose a project in one of the modes of use.

The The project must relate to illustration and all variations of book art. When a proposal is accepted, it must be justified that it is trained in the use of the material or that it passes a training process in its use, accompanied by the teacher of the workshop..

The the room is managed by a workshop master. It will begin with 4 hours open to the general public from October to May of the school year, Tuesday to Friday, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.; and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The The use of the facilities and the use of the equipment in the ArteFábrica room are completely free, although it is necessary for each person to bring the materials that are the basis of your project. On the library website you can find the materials and tools to bring and those that can be used free of charge at ArteFábrica for an individual project.

The program of activities proposed by ArteFábrica focuses on the idea of ​​creating in business, with spaces that invite collaboration and are vehicles for the exchange of ideas, to spread the pleasure of creating.

Thus, on Tuesdays, from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the room will offer an extracurricular support service to students from ESDIR, IES Batalla de Clavijo or different art studios, with the ‘Finalist Art Hour’, for the preparing files for printing.

Wednesdays, From 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. the Natur Café will be held, a proposal that focuses on Nature, on the environment that surrounds us, on what we find in the street while walking, in the park while walking.

In addition, the meetings proposed by ArteFábrica are, on the first Wednesday of each month, the repair of damaged books that we want to keep forever. On the second Wednesday of every month, learn the technique of drying leaves, plants, flowers, and more, and incorporate them into your illustration, bookbinding, and printing project. The third Wednesday of each month, Cyanotype process, alternative photographic development. And the fourth Wednesday of every month. Collect, don’t throw away!

ArteFábrica will also program specific workshops for all audiences, as Felipe mentioned, “in April, to celebrate Book Day, or in October, to commemorate Writers’ Day and Libraries’ Day.

Library director Rafael Azcona particularly highlighted the project ‘The stories that sound in Logroño’ in which you can discover the complete process of self-publishing a book.

From December to February of each year, a cooperative and community self-publishing project will be developed on African, Romanian, Pakistani, Arab stories, etc., heard in Logroño.

Joint participation will be carried out in the recording and transcription of the stories, in the binding and packaging, in the correction of the texts, the illustration, the layout, the design and the printing of the cover and in the binding.

The calls for the different phases will be announced through the newsletter, website and social networks of the Rafael Azcona Municipal Library.

The room has rules which, more than restrictions, will be an apprenticeship in coexistence and the sharing of spaces, tools, materials and jobs. For this reason, the penalties will be disqualification from using the space for the next six months.

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