The new edition of the Albacete Young Film School will offer a job bank to its students

The councilor for attention to people and youth, Juani García, presented a new edition of the Albacete Young Film School, aimed at young people between 16 and 30 years old, and whose objective is to facilitate access to audiovisual world to young people, “whatever their economic resources”. The School offers two courses, Realization and Interpretation in front of the camera, with 20 places each, and comes with two new features: there will be two groups in each course: beginners and advanced; and a job bank will be created.

In this way, Juani García pointed out, the Albacete City Council, through its Youth Center, continues the experience offered last year, with the first edition of this municipal offer, which has its origins in the space audiovisual youth, and that, as the councilor said, “helps us to position Albacete as a city of cinema and to promote the AB Audiovisual label“, she said, accompanied by the director and filmmaker, Enrique Leal, at the head of the project with his creative laboratory, Barakha Lab.

Young film school / Photo: Ayto. Albace

“It is a project that we have already seen works and that allows us to offer quality training to all those interested in the seventh art, regardless of their economic resources, since the objective of this government team is that nobody stops doing something that I like for economic reasons, “said the aedile. The cost of the course of direction is 150 euros per semester, and the course of interpretation, 75 euros , “which can be paid in three installments, and young people who have economic difficulties can do this activity for free, with the corresponding social report”.

“Two courses will be offered, one on directing and the other on acting in front of the camera, which feed off each other, and will allow students to learn by making films”, underlined the edile, specifying that all the works will be projected. at the Capitol Cinema.

The nature of the courses will be that of a Cinematographic Creation Laboratory, where in addition to offering higher level training, different creative proposals will be developed by students, teachers or management.

Management courses in Albacete

As Leal explains, the management course “will be mainly practical in nature, although students will also receive theoretical material”. At this point, the director of the School indicated that “from the first course we will start thinking and planning the short films that will be developed during the course”.

In addition, the group will be divided into two levels, the initiation with students who are starting this year at school, and the advanced level, with students who have already participated in the previous Management course.

It should be noted that this course has a virtual classroom, where they will be able to download all the theory of each subject, share their exercises and homework, consult the calendar and the schedule, ask questions to the teachers, among others.

Interpreting courses in Albacete

As Leal detailed, hand in hand with the on-camera acting class,participants will be able to discover the method based on the four pillars, which give meaning to the work of an actor or actress; They will learn the similarities and differences of working as an actor in theater and film, and introduce themselves to a foundry with guarantees; as well as the keys and the technique necessary to work in a professional shooting”.

In addition, the group will be divided into two levels, the initiation, with students who are starting this year at school, and the advanced level, with students who have already participated in the previous course.

For more information and to register for the School of Young Cinema in Albacete, those interested can consult the website. The registration requirements must be registered, either in the city of Albacete or in any other municipality in the province and be in possession of the Albacete Youth Center card, which can be done in person and online.

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