The Piedras Redondas health center, closer after 11 years of shutdown

The Junta de Andalucía, through the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), registered the Bids from four business entities to complete the Piedras Redondas Health Centerin the capital of Almería, which were paralyzed in July 2011, barely five months after work began.

The Andalusian government launched a call for tenders at the beginning of November for 2.7 million euros to have a public service in this district, where the population has increased over the last decade, which is whyand “it is essential to have infrastructural support in line with current health needs”according to the project report seen by Europa Press.

In this line, after resolving the contract for the first works in November 2012, the Council has now decided “to carry out investments aimed not only at the maintenance and replacement of the existing sanitary network, but also at improving and stretch it” with the completion of this primary care center, for which he received bids from three companies and a joint venture.

The project for the completion of the health center, drawn up in July this year by the architectural firm Ordaz and which provides for 16 months of work once the work has been awarded, Plans to complete the health center located between Los Perales and Cerro Almirez streets through a building with an “L” plan on two levels above ground.

According to the planning, the health center will have eight consultations for adults and two others for pediatrics, in addition to a general consultation, an obstetrician-gynecologist consultation, all with their corresponding waiting rooms. For extractions and diagnostic procedures, the health center will have three additional boxes. It will also have a minor surgery consultation, a health education room and other support services.

Currently, the foundations and the structure of the building are completely finished, in the absence of two sections of walls around the perimeter of the plot. Before proceeding with the construction work, It is planned to carry out the cleaning and clearing of the existing groundsbecause due to the time it was paralyzed, weeds appeared and residues accumulated inside.

In addition, the project considers it appropriate to review the condition of the existing perimeter fence and rMake a replacement in the sections that are needed. Likewise, earthworks, backfilling and excavation must be carried out on part of the land corresponding to the exterior urbanization to adapt to the levels of the project, since these works were not completed at the time.

On the ground floor will be the adult, pediatric and extraction clinic, as well as the reception, customer service and administration area. In general, the lower level is used for units attached to the center, staff area, health education, minor surgery and warehouses.. The general plan has an “L” shape with a central core in which the administration and service units are located.

The exterior part will have access for ambulances and a 12-space parking area, as well as a loading and unloading area for supplying the clinic’s general store and waste collection. The new health center, of approximately 1,200 square meters, “will improve comfort, accessibility, personalized attention and the quality of the services provided, which means improving and expanding the existing health network”.

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