The port activates the preliminary works for the future rail accesses

One of the most delayed infrastructure works in Catalonia, the rail accesses to the wider Port of Barcelona area, reaches an important milestone, although it is still preliminary. The Port Authority Board of Directors has awarded the land development works through which a large part of this link will pass. The amount is 25 million euros (excluding VAT) and the execution period is 24 months. In the meantime, the basic project of this strategic link, which will also include the road (a highway for trucks) and which depends on the Ministry of Transport, is still on hold. The latest forecast is that its drafting will be ready in January, six months after the previous forecast schedule.

The performance was attributed this Wednesday to the joint venture formed by Copcisa and Acciona Construcciones. It is a question of acting on the services concerned, which must be relocated, and of consolidating the ground for the accesses and a good part of what is called the railway junction, the large complex of loading and unloading stations planned in the old Llobregat river bed. It includes the construction of the platform on which the two branches will be installed that will connect the route with the rest of the network for trains inside the port and the reception and dispatch terminal, which will require five tracks .

The work of preparing the ground through which the links will pass is awarded for 25 million euros

The most important services affected in this area are the Aigües Ter-Llobregat gallery (ATL), the brine collector of the Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA) and the electricity and water infrastructures. The construction of the general drainage box, also planned, will pass under the future railway platform.

Another relevant port performance received a boost. This involves the complete rehabilitation of the former headquarters of the autonomous port, at Portail de la Pau. The works were also awarded on Wednesday by the board of directors with a basic budget of 17 million (excluding VAT) and an execution period of 18 months. The work stopped in 2018 due to the appearance of problems in the structure. The contracts have been terminated and the process is now starting to be able to finalize them. The action includes the reinforcement of the structure, the restoration of the interior and exterior architectural elements and the execution of all the installations, which must follow strict criteria of energy, environmental and safety efficiency.

The building, built between 1903 and 1907, was a passenger ferry terminal and housed the Mundial Palace restaurant, before being the headquarters of the Harbor Works Council, the predecessor of the current Port Authority. When it is rehabilitated, it will serve as an interpretation center, a space in which port life and the contribution of this infrastructure to the economy and the well-being of citizens will be explained to visitors. It will also have facilities for public events.

The execution of the works in the historic headquarters of the port will coincide with the celebration of the America’s Cup of Sailing in 2024. The tender dossier provides that, in order to minimize the impact of the works on the celebration of the sporting event, they will be temporarily suspended between August 1 and October 31 of this year. Likewise, a “success bonus” is included which will be paid to the construction company in the event that, at the start of the competition, the facades have already been restored, which can be an emblematic architectural element.

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