The Port of Barcelona is already preparing the ground for rail access

First step to execute the eternally claimed rail access at the Port of Barcelona, ​​an essential piece for the mediterranean corridor be a reality one day. the board of directors of the port approved this Wednesday the price of works consolidate the ground new rail access and the connecting tracks with the future Nou Llobregat terminal, one of the preliminary works for the construction of the tracks and the Nou Llobregat. Those responsible for carrying out the work will be the Union Temporaire des Entreprises (UTE) copcisaHER- trigger Construcciones, SA for an amount of 25 million euros (excluding VAT) and a delivery time of 24months.

The winning works include three performances. First, the construction of the platform on which the two branches will be installed which will connect the new southern rail access (which is in charge of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and which should be awarded before the end of the year, as announced by Minister Raquel Sánchez) with the rest of domestic rail network port ; and the reception and dispatch terminal of the future railway complex of the Nou Llobregat terminal, consisting of five tracks.

Relocation of existing services

As reported by port authority in a statement, secondly, they also have to move existing services in that space that would be affected by the new route. The most important are the service gallery of the supply entity of Aigues Ter Llobregatthe brine collector Catalan Water Agency (ACA) and the infrastructures of electricitycommunications or water.

The winning works now also include, thirdly, the construction of the general drainage box which will be located under the future railway platform.

Included in the PDU

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The work will make it possible to build the base on which railway superstructure and reorganizes all the services present in the territory. These infrastructures, included in the Urban master plan (PDU) of Intermodal Logistics Terminal of the port of Barcelona, ​​are part of the future railway junction which develops in the southern area of ​​the port.

the railway junction is a set of infrastructures that includes: a Terminal reception and parallel shipment in the current course of the river (called Terminal Nou Llobregat); a receiving and shipping terminal; a loading and unloading terminal; and a piggyback terminal (combined transport), the last three located in the former Llobregat river channel. This powerful rail hub, together with the already existing rail terminals in the region – the BEST rail terminal in the Mol Prat and the shipping and receiving Terminal C, already built and operational, will form a a powerful railway infrastructure formed by six terminals which will serve the port and its surroundings.


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