The power of words and works of illustration, this week at Gil – El Faradio

This Wednesday, November 23, at 7:00 p.m. At the Gil bookstore in Plaza de Pombo, Mariano Sigman presents his book “The power of words. How to change your brain (and your life) by speaking”. The author will be accompanied by Miguel Aguilar.

Our mind is much more malleable than we think. As surprising as it may seem to us, throughout our lives we retain the same capacity for learning that we had when we were children. What we lose over time is the need and the motivation to learn, so that we construct sentences about what we cannot be: the one who is convinced that mathematics is not his stuff, the one who feels he wasn’t born for music, the one who thinks he can’t manage his anger and the one who can’t overcome his fears. Tearing down these beliefs is the starting point for improving anything, at any time in life.

Here’s the good news: ideas and feelings can be changed, even the deep-seated ones. The bad news is that to transform them it is not enough to propose it. Just as we conclude with lightning speed whether we find someone trustworthy, smart, or funny, our judgments about ourselves are hasty and inaccurate. It’s the habit that you have to get into: that of talking to each other.

Fortunately, the bad news is not so bad. We have a simple and powerful tool: good conversations. Combining neuroscience, life stories and lots of humor, this book explains how and why these good conversations improve decision-making, ideas, memory and emotional life and, thus, can change your life.

With illustrations by Javier Royo.


He obtained his doctorate in neuroscience in New York and was a researcher in Paris before returning to Argentina. It is a world reference in decision neuroscience, in neuroscience and education, and in the neuroscience of human communication. He is one of the project directors of the Human Brain Project, the world’s largest effort to understand and mimic the human brain. He has worked with magicians, cooks, chess players, musicians and visual artists to bring insights from neuroscience to different aspects of human culture. He has also developed a long career in scientific dissemination that includes chronicles on the main Argentine radio stations, television programs and hundreds of articles published in different editorial media around the world.


Saturday, November 26, at 7:00 p.m. The Gil bookstore is hosting a conference with illustrators Antonio del Hoyo and Laura Montes who will present their work for the Demeter publishing house and talk about their creative process.


He was born in Valladolid. He graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca, a city where he also took courses in contemporary art, audiovisual creation and photography.

She has worked as a teacher in the field of art education and as an illustrator of children’s and adult books. Her work as an illustrator has been selected in international illustration competitions such as the ‘Vilustrado’ illustration meeting in Valladolid, the S. João da Madeira international illustration meeting, the II International Biennial of Solidarity Illustration of Ayudaris, the V International Skylight Illustration Competition, and the APIM Illustration Awards. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and lives in Valladolid.


His nomadic activity extends from one end of the pencil to the other. Although it may seem limited, it is a huge journey. He defines himself as “an enthusiastic illustrator of the emotions that good stories convey to me: stories, guitars, vignettes, old photos… everything counts!

In the profession of storytelling with images, he illustrates books, draws for animation and produces comic strips. As a visual artist, he has made individual exhibitions and participated in collective exhibitions between Spain and Portugal.

A graduate of the Beaux-Arts, his years of pedagogy taught him to work well in a team, to debate versions and points of view.

“I believe in Roald Dahl, Cortazar, Carlos Nine and Frank Miller among other Sherpas”.

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