The PP highlights the “work capacity, knowledge and commitment” of…

The president of the PP of Huelva, Manuel Andrés González, expressed his satisfaction this Wednesday after the appointments made to the Board of Directors of the Junta de Andalucía of the new territorial delegates of the province.

González highlighted the “capacity for work”, “the knowledge of the real needs of the province” and the “commitment” of the new delegates to “continue to defend the interests of Huelva and the municipalities above all”.

Likewise, He added that the nominations are “a success” promote the development of the province of Huelva and “continue to move in the same direction” as in the last legislature with an Andalusian government led by Juanma Moreno.

Among the territorial delegates appointed to the Board of Directors, they continue to occupy this position in this legislature after “impeccable management”, Manuela Caro López in the Territorial Delegation of Health and Consumer Affairs; Álvaro Burgos Mazo from the Territorial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development; and José Manuel Correa Reyes as Delegate for Development, Territorial Articulation and Housing.

For his part, he assumes in this legislature the powers of territorial delegation of the economy, finance and European funds and industrial and energy policy Lucía Núñez Sánchez (Huelva, 1979). Until now, he was councilor for education at the town hall of Palos de la Frontera, a function that he combines with university teaching. She holds a doctorate cum laude in education from the University of Huelva, a degree in pedagogy from the University of Seville, a master’s degree in university teaching, a master’s degree in intercultural education and a diploma in methodology.

Carlos Soriano Garcia (La Palma del Cdo, 1981) assumes the position within the Territorial Delegation of Educational Development and Professional and University Training, Research and Innovation. Born in La Palma del Condado in 1981, he graduated in teaching from the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the University of Huelva and has been a teacher in the Teaching Corps since 2007, alternating positions in tutoring centers and coordinator of the cycle. . Councilor of the Illustrious City Hall of La Palma del Condado since 2011 at the head of the delegations of education and sports, occupying since 2019 the positions of third deputy mayor, with the delegations of education, sports, interior, new technologies and customer service. Citizen until September 2022.

Alberto Santana Martinez (Lepe, 1974) assumes the Territorial Delegation of Employment, Business and Self-Employment. A graduate in law and a graduate in labor relations from the University of Huelva, he is until now deputy mayor of local development and employment of the town hall of Lepe. He previously exercised this public responsibility in the areas of Town Planning and Sports (2011-2019) and Economy (2007-2011). He was also the manager of the Lepe Industrial Park.

Teresa Herrera Vidarte (Huelva, 1971) assumes the Territorial Delegation of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Born in Huelva in 1971, she graduated with the acquired training of Social Superior Diploma. Councilor of Huelva from 2012 to 2015 in the areas of internal services and transparency of services to citizens, heritage, statistics and registration, and studies, projects and optimization of resources, she is currently Secretary General of the Social Council of the University of Huelva. and Councilor of the Social Council of the University of Huelva appointed by the Andalusian Parliament. She was a teacher and extrajudicial mediator.

Jose Manuel Borrero Barrero (Calañas, 1968) assumes the Territorial Delegation of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality. Degree in Social Sciences from the University of Seville. He has practiced his profession from 1992 to the present day as a member of the Official Association of Social Graduates of Huelva with his own office and carrying out labor and tax advisory tasks for individuals and companies. Councilor of the Town Hall of Calañas, in the government team from 2015 to the present day, as Head of the Treasury and Sports area.

Pedro Yorquez Sancha (Huelva, 1974). Assumes the Territorial Delegation of Sustainable Development, Environment and Blue Economy. Graduated in Law from the University of Huelva and has been practicing as a lawyer since 2007. In public administration, he has held positions in the City Council of Aljaraque (Huelva) as an advisor to the Mayor’s office during the mandate 2003 to 2007 and, from 2007 to 2022, as an adviser, exercising delegated functions in the areas of Presidency, Citizen Participation, Personnel, Citizen Security, Sports, Tourism, Consumption , Health and Environment, also acting as municipal spokesperson and deputy spokesperson. Between 2011 and 2015, he held the 2nd term as mayor. He was provincial deputy between 2014 and 2015 and president of the board of directors of the Marismas del Odiel Natural Park since 2020.

Carmen Cespedes Senovilla (Seville, 1957) assumes the Territorial Delegation of Justice, Local Administration and Public Function. With studies in geography and history and a law degree. His professional career has focused on the practice of law. In the political field, she was a councilor in the city council of Huelva and provincial deputy of the Popular Party for eight years. Parliamentary from Huelva during the XI legislature of the Andalusian Parliament, in which she was President of the Committee on the Statute of Deputies and Vice-President of the Committee on the Presidency and Local Administration and Member of the Committee on Tourism and sports.


Manuela Caro Lopez (Tharsis, 1962), regional delegate for Health and Consumption. Graduated in nursing from the University of Huelva, then specialized in childcare and pediatrics at the University of Seville. He holds a master’s degree in pedagogical aptitude (CAP) from the University of Huelva and more than 30 courses in health. She has several publications and research articles and was awarded first prize in the XIV Nursing Research Competition “Ciudad de Huelva. Her curriculum vitae highlights her work as a nurse in primary care, in the laboratory and clinical analysis services, as well as her position as head of the human and material resources block at the Riotinto General Hospital. In addition, she served as supervisor of laboratory nursing and pathological anatomy and nurse in the surgical area of ​​the same hospital. In 2019, she was appointed territorial delegate of the Ministry of Health and Family.

Alvaro Burgos Mazo (Huelva, 1972), territorial delegate for agriculture, fishing, water and rural development. Degree in Labor Relations from the University of Huelva. Councilor for youth, sports and culture of the town hall of Moguer from 1995 to 1999. First lieutenant-mayor, delegate for the areas of agriculture, economy and town planning and spokesperson for the town hall of Moguer during the years 2003 to 2011. Councilor and spokesperson for the Popular Group of the Moguer City Council from 2015 to 2019, he was deputy to the Hon. Provincial Council of Huelva. Since 2019 he was territorial delegate for agriculture, livestock and fishing in Huelva.

Jose Manuel Correa Reyes (Ayamonte, 1971)., Territorial Delegate for Development, Territorial Articulation and Housing. He continues to lead the Territorial Delegation for Development, Territorial Articulation and Housing in the province of Huelva, a position he has held since February 2019 and which he shares with the tasks related to culture and historical heritage. He is a Technical Architect from the University School of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects of Seville). He was also councilor and deputy mayor, councilor delegate for public works, urban planning, works and services and delegate for sports at the town hall of Ayamonte.


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