The promoting entity of the smart destination platform is established in Benidorm, which will have its headquarters in INVAT TUR

This agreement provides for its headquarters to be located in the facilities of the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (INVAT TUR), located in Benidorm.

From today, work begins on the development of this platform, which is called to be crucial in the process of transforming destinations and the tourism sector, facilitating access to digital technologies and solutions. During the act, the Entity Promoter of the Intelligent Platform of Destinations was also constituted, a body of coordination and cooperation with the networks of the sector and the city that ensures the continuity of the process of dialogue with which the orientation and scope of the platform have been defined.

During his speech, Reyes Maroto stressed that “today is a very important day because we reaffirm the Government’s commitment to the Valencian Community and Benidorm as the representative of our quality tourism. INVAT TUR is a specialized center in the generation and transfer of tourism knowledge and an ideal place to house the headquarters of the Smart Platform for Destinations, which will act as a unified center of operations from which to direct and coordinate all its activities with the rest of the destinations participating in the DTI Network”.

“In 2019 we connected destinations through the DTI network and in 2022 we want to be more ambitious: digitally connect destinations with tourists and, in turn, with businesses, so as to generate a unique system of intelligence tourism that places us at the forefront of tourism competitiveness.The Platform and its Promoter Entity that we are today is the commitment to an intelligent and innovative way of working between the public and private sectors, to generate synergies and to set the road lights to move towards the tourism model of tomorrow, sustainable, digital and inclusive where Spain continues to maintain its leadership in world tourism”.

INVAT TUR headquarters of the Intelligent Platform of Destinations

In the agreement signed today between the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the Generalitat Valenciana, the work of the platform that will be based in Benidorm, specifically at the headquarters of the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies (INVAT TUR), which responds to the government’s commitment to decentralization in the location of newly created public bodies.

From today begins the work that we have started through Segittur in the development of the functionalities of this platform, which is called to be crucial in the process of transforming destinations and the tourism sector by facilitating the access to digital technologies and solutions.

This headquarters will act, above all, as a unified operations center from which to direct and coordinate all its activities with the rest of the destinations participating in the DTI network.

Secondly, this center will contribute to defining data and system interoperability strategies to feed the Tourism Data Space provided for in the Tourism Sector Modernization and Competitiveness Plan, thus contributing to the creation of secure and federated data infrastructures to drive innovation.

Thirdly, from the center, the necessary actions will be promoted for the leadership of the tourism field (public data spaces) within the framework of the European program GAIA-X, in coordination with the Spanish hub of GAIA-X based in Talavera de la queen.

Fourth, this center of operations will be coordinated with the “Smart Destinations Platform Promoter Entity” that we have constituted today, thus giving continuity to the process of co-creation of the Smart Destinations Platform.

Entity Promoter of the Smart Platform of Destinations

The Promoter Entity is a coordination and cooperation body with the sector and city networks that ensures the continuity of the dialogue process with which the approach and scope of the Platform have been defined.

It is made up of representatives of the cities: DTI Rouge, RECI and FEMP; Representatives of the tourism and technology business sectors: CEOE Tourism Council, Adigital, Ametic, Conetic and Digitales, whose representatives present today at this act of incorporation, I would like to thank for their commitment and dedication to this important project.

Among its functions is to report on drivers and use cases that will enable basic and special platform capabilities or ensure metaplatform vocation, which will facilitate interoperability with other platforms, public and private, strengthening the operational capacity of the sector and new governance scenarios and use of data.

Spain at the forefront of digitization of tourism

The activity of the Platform will focus on the integration, linking and combination of public and private data to generate more competitive and commercial intelligence and thus activate models of continuous adaptation, interconnecting and meeting the needs of all. agents in the tourism value chain: tourists, destinations and businesses. . The representative of the Generalitat and that of Segittur (State Company for the Management of Innovation and Tourism Technologies), a company dependent on the ministry headed by Maroto, are committed to sharing knowledge and technology so that the artificial intelligence is a lever that modernizes our tourism model.

With this tool, a digital ecosystem is generated that will optimize deployment costs and times, facilitate the use of metrics and interconnect and meet the needs of all agents in the sector. For their part, the traveler will be able to interact via the platform with the destination and its companies, remaining faithful to the offer before, during and after the trip through different channels, such as social networks, the web or applications.


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