The province is making progress in the work of restructuring homes for minors: “Today the children are in better situations”

Eight months after the creation of the Directorate for the Protection of Children and Adolescents under the Ministry of Justice, the head of the organization Zulema Gómez spoke with Reference Point and provided an assessment of the work carried out during this year 2022.

It should be remembered that this body is framed by Decree 1075/22, which establishes that the Ministry of Justice has the function of assisting and advising the Governor on all that is inherent in the policies for the protection of the rights of children and adolescents and their families. In addition, it assists and contains families and executes policies that facilitate the integration of the family as the core of society.

“It is a period of balances and we are very satisfied with the process we are carrying out. We have moved from the Ministry of Social Development to the Ministry of Justice of the pPovincia. As for the centers throughout the province, we have been able to carry out an intervention that has a ministerial resolution and in which the role of everyone is established, from the director to the carers of the children, ”explained Gómez, who pointed out that what are called homes have come to have the rank of assistance centers for minors.

“In this process that had taken place, the decision was taken to reorganize the staff and the organization chart was reformed. The centers had a social worker and a psychologist who do not provide care but support; today we are looking to integrate teachers, to provide school support, educational psychologists, infirmary areas, to help in particular children with disabilities who are part of our centers, “he said. .

In this sense, Gómez highlighted the progress made in health. “Before admission to the establishment we took admission measures. A check with the Pediatric Hospital is necessary, to know the situation in which they are admitted. Subsequently, the necessary monitoring and controls will be carried out with specialists if necessary” Today the boys have a health file. Compliance with medical rounds has improved since we transfer the boys to the hospital with the management’s mobile phones,” he said.

Likewise, he explained that another area that had gaps was education, so the focus was there as well. “A leveling is done and due to the particularities of each child, we complement homework with extracurricular activities, such as dance, music, physical education, etc. so that they can complete these activities in a programmed way” , he explained. .

Al ser consulted por los advances y seguimientos de casos sensible de litos contra la integridad de los menores que generaron gran revuelo mediático tras tomar estado público, como fueron los hechos ocurridos en la localidad de Virasoro, Gómez aseveró que cada situation en particular tiene su correspondiente the follow-up. “In these cases, the boys were under measure, with follow-up work and family ties. The work we do is supervised. The boys have a juvenile counselor and a judge who intervenes. In the same way, we continue to work and we believe that today we are in a better situation, and the boys are also in a better situation,” he said.

“Professionals and technical teams are also involved in these processes. It is a joint effort, and the special circumstances have been addressed and the work has begun. Today we have more contacts and we are working together. listening to the indications and recommendations of justice, and by working with the aim that the boys can evolve towards the family bond, adoption or other possibilities such as extended families and emotional references”, he added. he declares.

“It is important to emphasize that even when we take some action for a group, the action plan that is developed is individual for each child according to the needs they have or the specific questions they need. We emphasize listening to every child because everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and we have to listen to them,” he said.

Regarding the number of centers that are under the Directorate’s orbit, Gómez announced that they are working to expand their reach to organizations that are not just state-run. “In the capital we have 4 homes that belong to the province and we are working to create agreements to establish clear guidelines with religious homes such as Misericordia and Sagrado Corazón. In San Cosme there is the home “Nueva Esperanza” and they are working together. with the municipality, and also two houses in Virasoro, 1 in Santo Tomé and a very advanced agreement in Goya with an NGO that has legal status in which progress is being made in different agreements”, has he concluded.

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