The Provincial Council announces the illustrated writing competition for schoolchildren on the values ​​and rights contained in the Constitution

On the occasion of the commemoration of Constitution Day, the Provincial Council of Ciudad Real convenes one more year the “Illustrated writing contest for schoolchildren, on the values ​​and human rights contained in the Spanish Constitution”, with the aim of promoting and deepening in the field of education, the different aspects contained in the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

From the field of culture, democratic memory, youth and sports, the bases have been announced for this competition aimed at all students, through their schools, from early childhood education, teaching primary, compulsory basic education (special education) and 1st and 2nd of ESO in the province of Ciudad Real.

Specifically, the following categories are established: early childhood education (first category); first and second of Primaria (second category); third and fourth in primary (third category); fifth and sixth of primary (trimester Category); lower and upper secondary (fifth category); and male and female students in compulsory basic education and special education centers who belong to regulated and unregulated centers (sixth category).

The deadline for the presentation of works, which must deal with one or more of the values ​​and human rights that are included in the articles of the current Spanish Constitution, will be until next November 17.

The works must be illustrated or designed in a visually attractive way, an aspect which will be particularly valued, as well as the originality, the quality of writing and presentation of the text, and of the work as a whole. For the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th categories, it will be an individual work, with a maximum of six pages per work. For the 1st and 6th categories, it must be a mural, with a maximum format of 70 x 100 cm, produced by a group of five students maximum.

On the back of the book, must be written the surname and first name of the student in the case of an individual course, or of all the students in the case of a group, course in which they are registered, as well as the name, address, telephone, NIF of the Center, and name and first names of the teacher in charge. Each center can only submit a maximum of three works for each category, accompanied by the completed entry form.

Each center can only submit a maximum of three works for each category, accompanied by the completed entry form.

The competition consists of several recognitions, with a first prize of 350 euros, and a plaque for the center for each category; a second prize of 300 euros and a plaque for the center for each category, and a third prize of 250 euros and a plaque for the center for each category. Moreover, the first and sixth will receive a fourth prize worth 250 euros plus a plaque for the centre.

The winning students will individually receive a prize consisting of school supplies. In addition, diplomas will be issued to all awarded students.

Job submission.

The legal representative of the requesting Center must have a digital certificate and install the self-signature program on the computer/equipment used to interact with the Provincial Council.

Once registered electronically, interested parties must make the request to participate, which must be submitted exclusively electronically, by accessing the provincial electronic headquarters (htpps://, clicking on the tab Associations and other entities, after them the so-called Grants and, finally, the so-called Call for Grants for Associations.

The works will be delivered in the Culture Space, Plaza Constitución, 2nd floor, indicating “Illustrated Writing Contest 2022” on the envelope, as well as the name and address of the educational center and a photocopy of the registration form .