The recovery works of the Ciudad de los Niños Park have been completed

Writing || November 28, 2022

The mayor of the city, Julio Millán; the first deputy mayor, María Orozco; The Councilor for Urban Maintenance, Javier Padorno, and the Councilor for Public Services, Francisco Lechuga, participated today in the fun day and healthy breakfast organized by the Jaén City Council for 150 first cycle schoolchildren of the public school Navas de Tolosa ‘and ‘Serrano de Haro’, on the occasion of the completion of the recovery works of the park of the City of Boys and Girls. The director of Resuja, Arturo Calzado, the joint venture owned by the Provincial Council which undertook this work, was also present during the visit.

The mayor said that after checking the new condition of this children’s space, which is the largest in the city and which until now was only partially open, “the commitment of the current government team to recover this space has materialized, which now offers decent and quality infrastructure for children and their families and which also translates into a better image of the capital”. “Now it has come back to life, it has a new image and dignified conditions that we wanted for this park and its enjoyment by families and their children,” he added.

Julio Millán said that “along with this park, which we have been working on for six months, interventions have been carried out in the rest of the children’s spaces in the city; 74 in total, which allows us to say that it is one of the most important actions that we have carried out during this mandate. We are aware of the importance for children to be able to have decent facilities, as well as for fathers, mothers or grandparents, that minors can have spaces that they can enjoy”.

The highest municipal official added that this intervention also results in the good image of the city, which must be in the best possible condition for our neighbors and also for those who visit us. “With the completion of these tasks we go one step further, we are satisfied and we thank Resurja and the areas of urban maintenance and contracts for their efforts, which have allowed the realization of the project, as well as the team of workers who They have made the arrangements and adjustments over the past six months with effort and great enthusiasm to achieve the result that can be seen now,” he added.

Stable material for its maintenance.- The mayor recalled that “the work was carried out with a team of ten workers from the Resurja company, dependent on the provincial council, following the agreement signed between the city council and the provincial administration, since the said company has a quality certificate specific to this type of intervention, the UNE-EN 1176-7 standard on equipment in playgrounds and that from now on there will be a stable team made up of five operators who will be dedicated to maintenance and to the maintenance of all the spaces for children which They are distributed in the different districts of the city.

The agreement signed for the development of the city’s 74 children’s playgrounds had an amount of 390,000 euros and also established a similar item for the regular maintenance of these spaces for four years, extendable to the same amount. “This investment has made it possible to act in approximately 2,000 square meters of children’s spaces in accordance with established safety standards and with approved materials and responds to a request that we have received insistently from the girls and boys of the city and of their families,” he insisted.

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