The regional government will this year launch the largest call for business investment support in its history, endowed with 40 million euros – Castilla-La Mancha News

In recent years, the technology sector has been the engine of job creation with the creation of several work centers in the city of Cuenca. Indeed, since 2017, companies with nearly a hundred jobs have settled in the city.

As Vice President Martínez Guijarro pointed out, these are companies “that do not emit smoke, but they create jobs” and he added that “there are more than 100 jobs, 100 young people who have remained , even some from outside who have come, some have emigrated and returned, so it is a sector that is consolidating and that we want to continue supporting in the future”.

The Autonomous Government has invested, since 2015, more than 358 million euros in aid to support businesses, SMEs and the self-employed, which has reached more than 77,000 beneficiaries throughout the region.

The government of Castilla-La Mancha will publish before the end of the year the largest call for support for business investment in its history, endowed with 40 million euros, within the framework of the Adelante Plan. A call that represents a one hundred percent increase compared to 2015.

This was explained by the regional vice-president, José Luis Martínez Guijarro, who attended today in Cuenca, together with the delegate of the Council, Marian Martínez; the mayor of the city, Darío Dolz, and the deputy for entrepreneurship, Elena Carrasco, at the inauguration of the company ‘Future Space’, dedicated to the development of work related to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and which employs fifteen people.

Speaking to the media, Martínez Guijarro stressed that this upcoming meeting is “another example” of the regional executive’s commitment to the commercial and economic development of the region. “We are very clear about supporting companies to generate economic activity and employment, we know that is the way to go,” he said.

From there, he pointed to the President’s announcement in the state of the region debate regarding “40 million euros made available to all sectors of the economy to make them want to invest, generate economic activity and employment”.

A commitment to business activity which translates into the provision of 358 million euros in aid, since 2015, through calls for aid to businesses, SMEs and the self-employed which have reached more than 77 100 beneficiaries throughout the territory.

Cuenca, a welcoming city for the technological sector

In recent years, the technology sector has led the generation of jobs with the establishment of several work centers in the city. Indeed, since 2017, companies have settled in the city, which currently account for nearly a hundred jobs.

A dozen companies, insisted the vice president, new technology companies established in the city of Cuenca “in a very discreet way, do not smoke, but they generate jobs” and added that “there are more of 100 jobs, 100 young people who have stayed, including some from abroad who have come, some who have emigrated and returned. It is therefore a sector that is consolidating and that we want to continue supporting in the future” .

This is the case of ‘Future Space’ which, in addition to being in Madrid, has expanded its offices with the new headquarters in Cuenca and about 15 workers, where they carry out work related to artificial intelligence, networks of neurons, graphics processing, advanced technologies, analytics or real-time systems.

The company also works hand in hand with the Polytechnic of Cuenca of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and secondary schools in the city such as ‘Pedro Mercedes’, accompanying its students in the practical training of their studies and their first entry into the labor market. .


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