The reorganization of Calle Repuente advances with the paving of the first section

Asphalting works in Repuente Street


César Díaz explains that paving work has started on the road in the section that goes from the roundabout in Torremar street to the intersection with La Regaña street.

The redevelopment and paving works of Calle Repuente are progressing, with the start of the asphalting works of the first section, which goes from the roundabout of Calle Torremar to the intersection with Calle La Regaña.

This was announced by the Councilor for Public Works, César Díaz, who recalled that this project represents a municipal investment of 727,294 euros and was an electoral commitment of Mayor Gema Igual with the surrounding residents.

Executed by the Cantabrian company Rucecan, the works have a duration of ten months and aim to optimize the urban conditions of the street, a road with heavy traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, which lacked sidewalks in many areas where They were damaged and insufficiently dimensioned.

“The complete regeneration of Calle Repuente represents a further step in the improvement of the city and the neighborhoods”, noted the mayor, and affirms that this action will complete the urbanization of the road and also improve traffic in The Weaver.

Once the paving of this first section is finished, explains Díaz, the horizontal signage will be carried out, with which the works in this area would be considered finished, in the absence of street furniture and auctions.

Also during these days the milling and asphalting of a section belonging to the Polígono de la Tejera will be completed, as well as the execution of a small sidewalk.

In addition to the paving, in this area of ​​the street they have already completed the renovation of the service networks (lighting, irrigation and fiber optics), the urbanization of the new sidewalks and the gardening works with the planting of trees.

In the rest of the street, details the mayor, the renovation works of the service networks and the urbanization of the sidewalks are practically finished, so that the paving works will take place in a staggered manner to minimize the effects.

Redevelopment of Repuente Street

The works, which affect a total of 8,900 square meters, will make it possible to renovate most of the urban infrastructure, improve accessibility, undertake the continuity of sidewalks, remove architectural barriers and favor the introduction of trees.

As for the pavement, a 6.5 centimeter thick cobblestone with a granite finish equal to that of the tiles used in the new Santander sidewalks will be used for the sidewalks, which will increase the thickness of the large fords d access to hypermarkets and gas stations. Curbs will be concrete with the necessary recesses in fords and barbicans.

In the pedestrian crossing that connects Calle Repuente to Avenida de los Castros, stamped asphalt will be used as the coating given its good finish and flexibility, and the drainage network, which is non-existent in most of the route, will be completely renovated.

In addition, traffic will be reorganized in the industrial area of ​​La Tejera, specifically in the streets of La Tejera, Río Danubio, Montes Cárpatos, Bratislava, on the side of Calle Albericia, La Prensa and part of Calle Eslovaquia and Calle Portuarios, for which action will be taken in horizontal and vertical signage, currently obsolete or inoperative.

This intervention joins other recent ones in the neighborhood, such as the redevelopment of the surroundings of the La Gloria roundabout and the Sagrada Familia church, the Parque de Pintores Montañeses or the urban regeneration of La Albericia and The Glory.

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