The same attends the start of the work of Canalejas and highlights the benefits for mobility in the region


Gema Igual stresses that the work will make it possible to materialize, within ten months, what was a commitment to local residents and assures that the effects will be minimized

The mayor of Santander, Gema Igual, confirmed today the start of work on the new mechanical route of Canalejas, which began this Monday, during a visit in which she was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works José Luis Gochicoa and sustainable mobility advisor César Diaz.

The councilor stressed that the works, which are carried out by the SIEC and represent an investment of nearly 1.9 million, will make it possible to materialize in a period of ten months what was its commitment to the surrounding inhabitants.

“We are starting work that is very much in demand by the inhabitants, a project that will contribute to improving mobility and the environment, with which we will also be able to renew all the services, sidewalks and pavements, elements and street furniture, etc., and revalorize this whole area for residents and businesses”, said the mayor, who highlighted the fact that the execution of this type of route is one of the main demands of the inhabitants of Santander, “every day more aware of the development sustainable mobility and with a city that is close, comfortable and full of facilities”.

The same apologized in advance for the inconveniences that the works could cause and recalled that the City Council had held meetings with the neighbors and the management team of the Escolapios School to coordinate action regarding the vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic, special attention to the needs of the school.

From yesterday and until the next two weeks, he recalled, road access to Canalejas from Casimiro Sainz must be through Andrés del Río street. It will also be necessary to divert lines 11 and 12 of the TUS through Tetuán to return to Canalejas through Calle Padres Escolapios, keeping all stops and timetables operational. For this reason, vehicle traffic on Calle Padres Escolapios will only be in the upward direction.

The same detailed that the action has been divided into phases to minimize the effects on the environment and began yesterday with the first of them, the renovation of the sewerage network in the lower part of the street through the execution of a new PVC manifold, 500 mm. in diameter, between San Vicente de la Barquera and Padres Escolapios streets.

“The five new mechanical ramps of Canalejas will allow us to overcome the 17 meters of unevenness that the promenade has in its first section of steep slope, in the approximately 220 meters in length that coincides with the large block that forms the school of Calasanz” , He explained, emphasizing that this action is one more example of the Consistory’s desire for sustainable, active and healthy pedestrian mobility.

performance characteristics

The layout of the mechanical elements will be developed along the South sidewalk, the one next to the school, because it presents less conditions than the North sidewalk, where there are many fords and entrances to garages, gates, communities or commercial establishments .

The new street configuration will maintain the sidewalks on both setbacks with widths similar to the current ones, fixing the mechanical elements to the south sidewalk, moving the row of parking spaces in line and placing a safety strip between the vehicles stationed and mechanical elements.

As for the ramps, there will be 5 in total, which will be about 30 meters long, one meter wide, with a speed of 0.5 meters per second, -which can be reduced when there is no has no users-, with glass balustrade security , detection of people by means of radars and presence cells throughout the mechanical element, passenger counter system and video surveillance network that also allows remote rearming .

Santander already has 15 routes that are used by more than 8 million users per year and have involved an overall investment of 27 million euros. In addition, the connection works by means of ramps and escalators from Calle Jesús de Monasterio to Juan XXIII are already underway, and the new Gamazo mechanical route has also been presented, which will connect this street to Reina Victoria.

next steps

In the second phase of the works, the works will be carried out in Canalejas Norte, with a foreseeable duration of three months. A new sewerage collector, the demolition of sidewalks and supply pipes will be carried out and the 150 mm supply pipe will be installed in the two sections planned at the beginning and at the end of the street. Once the pipes are finished, the paving will be done.

Phase three will focus on Canalejas Sur (5 months) and will include demolition of sidewalks and channeling of supply. Work will begin with the installation of the 100 mm cast iron pipe for the supply network and the demolition of the existing sidewalks.

In this third phase, the pits will also be made to place the ramps and the side walls, with the excavation in a trench and the diversion of the affected services, and the network of pipes, the construction of culverts, etc. will begin.

Finally, in the fourth phase, which will last about two months, the final works will be carried out: Installation of mechanical elements, electrical connection, regulation, testing and commissioning; street paving; vertical and horizontal signage; installation of handrails in mechanical elements and railings; placement of furniture and gardening

This project benefits from a grant of one million euros from the Government of Cantabria as part of the call for the creation of accessible pedestrian routes.

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