The Shitty Jobs Kerem Bürsin Did To Get To ‘Love Is In The Air’

Kerem Bursin took all those precarious jobs to become the great actor he is today. You will hallucinate when you discover them.

We all fell in love with his role as Serkan in ‘Love Is in the Air’ a romantic comedy that ended in 2021 but left a pleasant taste in our mouths when we found out a very versatile actor and charismatic with a brutal presence in front of the cameras. But it has not always been so. Despite the fact that Kerem Bursin is already an internationally renowned actor, these are all the shitty jobs the actor had to do to get where he has been. Attention:

Waiting for the sun was his first acting job in Turkey

It’s like that. “Waiting for the sun” is, so to speak, his starting signal in Turkey and we can see a teenage kerem that he had already taken his first steps before, but in the United States, where he spent his adolescence and trained as an actor.

Kerem Bursin is a musician

Before devoting himself to the world of theater, in the United States, he learned to play the guitar and even formed a band and released an album. This man tries everything and very well what we think. Do not stop.

Kerem Bursin dragged himself as a waiter for a long time

And it’s not that we say it, it’s that talking about this long period of his life when Kerem Bursin wanted to prepare himself as an actor, he had to work as a waiter in the worst clubs in the world. Texas. Period he remembers as “crawl” in the lowest echelon of jobs which, although dignified, are very hard.

He worked in a bar and a nightclub at the same time

As acting classes were very expensive, Kerem Bursin tHe had to look for another compatible job with that of a waiter and so he doubled his night shift by working in a nightclub. In order to make the two trades compatible, I had to sleep in the car in the parking lot almost every day.

Next occupation: driver

Kerem Bursin’s other job before “Love Is in the Air” was as a driver. As you will see, Kerem pursued his dream tooth and nail and he did not hesitate to do any work to obtain it

Kerem Bursin started working out in a gym

Gradually, Kerem was getting better jobs, even though this one wasn’t one of them. Ok, Kerem liked sports but cleaning bathrooms and washing gym towels it was not his ideal job. Moreover, he had to deal with the worst shift since he opened the premises at 4 am and left at 12 pm. Horrible.

Kerem worked in a marketing company

After his work at the gymnasium, he enters a large company that deals with the social media management several companies and thanks to this Kerem has learned to manage its accounts on the networks without the help of a Community Manager.

And meanwhile, Kerem Bursin went to the castings

Trying to find holes to go to castings, Kerem had to lie to their bosses away from his post for a few hours. All because of his dream, which still seemed to resist him.

In numerous interviews, we were able to verify that Kerem Bursin’s Works Before ‘Love Is in the Air’ Wasn’t a Bed of Roses. Kerem is a stubborn fighter who does the same, who leads, who starts a production company or who participates in interesting businesses because knew the dark side of fame: having nothing and suffering to realize a dream.

“To become an actor, I worked as a waiter. I worked in a nightclub. I cleaned the gymnasium bathrooms and washed their dirty towels. I was a driver. Was difficult. I was very tired and had to drive, opening the gym at 4am. and end my shift at noon. I worked in a club at night. I used to sleep in the parking lot most of the time, that was my sad life

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