The Simbeque Project presents its latest album in La Palma

Next Friday, October 4, at 9:00 p.m., the Municipality of Los Llanos de Aridane, within the framework of the new edition of the Book Festival, which will take place in the Plaza de España, with free access, will host the first , on the island de La Palma, of the third volume of the famous project of the Simbeque group with its homage to Canarian folklore on the island of La Palma. A concert of the series ‘Bocados Sonoros’ programmed by the Department of Culture of the Town Hall with the collaboration of the MARES program of the Government of the Canary Islands.

The Simbeque project group is made up of musicians from different islands, including Norberto Arteaga d’El Hierro (alto sax, bass clarinet and flute). Since its formation (2015), and with three albums already released, it has toured relevant stages and festivals in the Canary Archipelago as well as across the Atlantic in its forays into the United States and Colombia, placing folklore canary in the honor of contemporary music. , winning the favor of the public and the media. Its third volume, which is currently presented on the island, was pre-nominated for the Latin Grammys in two categories, one of which as “Best record of the year”. Previously, his second volume was awarded twice at the Canarian Music Awards for Best Album of the Year and Best Jazz and Fusion Music Album (2019).

In this third volume, which completes its trilogy, the new arrangements of the Simbeque project show the maturity and enrichment of the group with a repertoire loaded with symbols of Canarian popular music such as folías, isas, malagueñas or seguidillas. And, of course, once again, they do so paying particular attention to the purest sounds of Canarian folklore, preserving lyrics and melodies and fusing them with jazz, rock, electronic, funk or drums and bass, always defending the ideas of its contemporaneity and internationalization, in addition to establishing the indispensable generational bridge. The Simbeque project is Tradition, Avant-garde, Music and Poetry with its distinctive mark: sound and staging that connects to a diverse audience and events of a different nature beyond labels or an initial interest. specific for the Canarian culture, also overcoming language barriers. A proposal of tribute and reinterpretation of Canarian folklore that was born from the hand of Mousikê under the shelter of his TIME project, -Research work and evolution of popular music- and which will soon announce its innovative educational project.

The concert of the Simbeque project will see the participation of an exceptional guest: Fernikhan AKA The Lyrical Killer, founding member in 2003 of the famous Canarian hip-hop group “El Veneno Crew”. An artist, who although his field is rap, does not miss an opportunity to collaborate in other genres. The duration of the concert will be 70 minutes to enjoy the very powerful live performance of the Simbeque project interpreted by its musicians. The musical direction of the Simbeque project is ensured by Miguel Manescau, (electric guitar) and with him, the group is composed of: Beatriz Alonso, voice; Octavio D. Hernández, electric guitar; Roberto Domínguez, electric bass; Norberto Arteaga, alto sax, bass clarinet and flute; José Vera Bello, tenor sax; Oscar Hernández, trumpet; Akior García, drums (Sonor, Bosphorus and Wincent), and Luis Suárez, percussion and pads. For his part, Jonás Superstereo will once again be the group’s sound technician.


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