The Social Service delivers the diplomas of the Occupational Risk Prevention course for masonry work


The Councilor for Social Services and Community Development, Iván Reinares, presented the diplomas to the 15 people who participated in the course of occupational risk prevention for masonry work, organized by the Promotion and Socio-professional Orientation Service of the town hall of Logroño. And this was transmitted by the Fundación Laboral de la Construcción.

This short 20-hour course was given free of charge from September 12 to 15, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All those who have taken this training have obtained a qualifying diploma, which enriches their CV and facilitates the job search process.

The Town Hall of Logroño, through the Municipal Service of Orientation and Social and Professional Promotion (c/ Marqués de San Nicolás, 19-27, 1st floor), also offers other free short courses in October and November to promote integration and improve the employability of people who have particular difficulty finding work. Most of these courses allow you to obtain an official card in the field of health, industry-logistics and agriculture; and others offer training capsules of interest that are highly demanded by the job market.

Since 1997, the Municipal Service for Orientation and Labor Promotion has focused on promoting social and professional insertion routes aimed at groups with particular difficulties in connecting to the labor market, based on the qualification and requalification of the unemployed.

The area of ​​employment related to social services and community development of the City Council of Logroño, taking into account the current situation and the demands of the local labor market, offers a set of training actions that promote the improvement of the employability of people with special employment difficulties. socio-professional integration and promote their personalized itineraries to approach the local job market.

The scheduled courses, which will take place in October and November, are:

Ergonomics and mobilizations with and without a crane. From October 4 to 7. 16 hours. 15 seats.

Size of the vineyard. From October 17 to 21. 25 hours. 15 seats

UNE-EN 280 forklift. From October 24 to 28, 8:00 p.m. Pitches: 12

Foot care. November 11th. 15 seats.

When the course is held at Polígono de Cantabria, students will receive a bus pass to attend by public transport.

These training courses are aimed primarily at people registered as job seekers with the SEPE secretariat, in particular young people under 30, people over 45, women interested in entering the labor market or in a precariousness, the long-term unemployed (more than 1 year for those over 25 and more than 6 months for those under 25), people with different abilities and people receiving citizenship income or income Vital minimum.

To participate, it is necessary to register in person in advance. For more information you can do it by calling 941 248 022, mobile 688 711 858 or by email: [email protected]


To support the process of personal development necessary for the active search for employment, the municipal service of orientation and socio-professional promotion also offers a set of workshops:

Computer workshops from scratch and mobilization on the net, to develop digital skills from scratch.

Video interview and video presentation workshops, to improve communication skills to deal with selection processes:

Emotional stability workshop for job search: “Strengthen your mind”, to promote balance and emotional management.

Information is also provided on the work environment (income tax, hiring, collaborative entrepreneurship, resource mapping, etc.)

In addition, informative pills are planned that aim to create a meeting space for invited companies from various productive sectors, as well as temporary employment companies (ETT), to inform people who are developing a job search route or development on the most requested training profiles. , selection processes and access to candidates, among others. This is an opportunity to get known, clarify concerns and submit resumes.

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