The Town Hall of Marbella begins the works of the second phase of the rehabilitation of the CEIP fence wall Federico García Lorca

The Town Hall of Marbella has started the works of the second phase of rehabilitation of the enclosure wall of the Federico García Lorca school, repairing 173 linear meters in addition to the 70 already conditioned in the first phase during the cleaning of the section of Jose Street. Maria Cano. A six-month execution period is planned, although just over half of that time remains to be completed.

“For security reasons, we urgently completed the first section at the beginning of the year and now the whole perimeter is under construction with the needs and specifications that a school must have,” the mayor explained. from Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, who visited Jobs this morning.

It is a job that “the Town Hall, although it performs them in a subsidiary way, entrusts the Council itself, these are jobs that go beyond the maintenance of the school, but by responsibility we understood that we had to do it”, explained the adviser that he clarified that the execution of the works takes place in the afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. so that they can coexist with the students.

The wall has many structural deficiencies caused by insufficient drainage and a low number of expansion joints. The ground pressure and the accumulated water caused slight collapses and the appearance of various cracks which made this action necessary, which includes the demolition and reconstruction of the perimeter wall of the center.

The new concrete enclosure will have an average height of the wall from the foundation of 2.20 m. and a half view at 2 meter sidewalk level. A metal fence of 1 meter will be placed on the wall, following the aesthetics of the section already rehabilitated. In addition, the existing access doors will be replaced, 3 for pedestrians and 1 for vehicles, and new pedestrian paths will be built inside the school.

This action, which has a budget of more than half a million euros, an amount to which must be added the more than 130,000 euros that have been invested in the remodeling of the first phase, also provides for the elimination of architectural barriers and adaptation of facilities.

The main access to the center is located on Calle San Antonio and there is an access ramp that does not comply with accessibility regulations, neither in the dimensions, nor in the designs, nor in the protections necessary to use by people with reduced mobility. In addition, the ramp has a series of structural defects due to the settlement of the underlying backfill which has caused the appearance of cracks, the displacement of the curbs and the collapse of the paving slabs. Therefore, it will be adapted to comply with current regulations in this regard.

Another aspect that will be renewed is that of the electrical installations. Since its construction, the center has been equipped with a dining room, an air conditioning system and new technologies which have been connected to the existing installation which is not prepared for this demand. Finally, the fire protection system, already obsolete, will also be renewed.

Finally, it should be noted that this work is in addition to that carried out within the framework of the School Conservation Plan and that it includes the exterior painting of the centre, as well as painting of various kinds, the repair of the rainwater network in the courtyard, changing doors or repairing the entrance staircase, among other micro-actions in plumbing, masonry or electricity. Works in which more than 50,000 euros have been invested and which are added to the nearly 700,000 that will have been invested once the second phase of the rehabilitation of the wall has been completed.

Regarding the investments made in the educational centers of the city, the mayor stressed that “the schools of Marbella have never had such a degree of support, not only through operational services, but also with a plan of specific maintenance which entails 700,000 euros a year to be allocated to these conservation actions”.

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