The Town Hall of Villanueva de la Torre undertakes the largest paving operation in the history of the municipality | NewAlcarria

The investment budgeted by the Town Hall for this ambitious project is half a million euros.

The work will affect several roads in the municipality. These are among the most necessary according to the technical reports of the Consistory, since they present an agglomerate in poor condition, having lost their coexistence in certain points. In addition, many of these roads have pavement areas with potholes and cracks, which determined their asphalting. These are Calle de la Fuente (including part of Calle Costanilla de los Ángeles and part of Calle de la Florida), Calle de la Tejera Negra, Calle Mirador del Henares, part of Calle Valdebrid, part of Calle Azaleas, Avenida de Spain, part of Calle San Roque and Calle El Canto, and part of Calle Azucena. The neighbors among them are already personally informed of the start of the works by the government team, while billboards with informative posters have been placed in the affected areas.

Technical aspects
The asphalting works consist of the resurfacing of the pavement with the resurfacing of the pavement of the various streets using a new wearing course with hot asphalt agglomerate of the D-12 type with a minimum thickness of 4 to 5 centimeters. It is estimated that around 2,770 tonnes of particle board will be used. In addition, complementary works are added such as the displacement of rubber reducers and the replacement of all horizontal signage. Also included are the leveling works of manholes and manholes of any kind that exist along the entire route of the roads. In addition, the necessary works are included for the construction of a water passage at the confluence of the viaducts with the sidewalks, so that there is no accumulation of water due to the slopes of the streets.

The mayor of Villanueva de la Torre, Sonsoles Rico, is very enthusiastic about the start of the works: “It is a very ambitious project, on which we have been working for many months with the government team, and which is now starting to become a reality. This is the first and most important ‘Operation Asphalt’ in Villanueva de la Torre, since such a comprehensive project has never been approached before, with an action covering more than 26,000 square meters”, commented the mayor. And to continue: “We are going to carry out a global action on 11 streets in the town which had a very degraded surface, to improve road safety for all inhabitants. It was a very necessary big project and thanks to the work of the government team and the technical staff of the town hall, it is now seeing the light of day”.

Rico, who lamented the possible molestias that could suffer during algunos días las vecinas y vecinos por las obras, ha insistido en la importancia de la actuación: was. We are aware that there are still many roads in a suitable state, but this operation will be the most important in this sense in our municipality, because it is a global action. We have taken the first step in this aspect, but it is a giant leap,” he said. “We are sorry for any inconvenience that some neighbors will experience for a few days, but the goal is worth it: to have decent roads and improve road safety throughout the municipality,” concluded the mayor.

sidewalk renovation
The intention of the government team is that the asphalt operation of Villanueva de la Torre will be completed with an upcoming renovation of part of the sidewalks of the municipality, although it is a very complex project . However, the government team has already reserved in the 2022 budgets -approved by an absolute majority and without any votes against-, half a million euros for asphalt and another half a million for steel. “Having certain roads and sidewalks in good condition are fundamental needs of our municipality and, in addition, strongly demanded by our neighbors; This is why we are working on it and we are going to allocate almost a million euros in these months to be able to progress on these two fundamental aspects for our populations”, declared the mayor. “Our intention is, at least, to start the sidewalk renovation project for the rest of the mandate, although we are aware that this is a very complex action that takes time,” explained Rico.


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