The town hall reopens to traffic various streets of Rochelambert after the redevelopment and renovation of the networks undertaken by Emasesa with an investment of 2.2 million while the last works of a project that generated pedestrian routes, renewed lighting and improved trees and gardening

The City Council of Seville, through the Metropolitan Water Company Emasesa and in collaboration with the Urban Planning and Environmental Management and the Cerro-Amate district, has reopened to traffic and is gradually putting the different streets in the Rochelambert district which, with an investment of 2.2 million euros, is the subject of a vast project to redevelop and renovate the water supply and sanitation networks: Puerto del Escudo street , in the section that goes from Los Gavilanes to Los carthames; Puerto del Suspiro Street, Puerto de Portalet Street and the square inside the block that borders Puerto de Pajares.

The work is awaiting completion but, in accordance with the commitment made by the town hall to local residents and traders, it has been decided to reopen it to pedestrian and car traffic, as well as parking. In addition, to energize neighborhood commerce on these dates, Christmas lights have been installed. “These are complex works in their execution given their extension and the overall redevelopment that they imply for the environment. In these final moments, we are reviewing with neighbors and merchants the final details of some of the largest public investments that have been undertaken in this neighborhood for decades,” explained the mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, who visited the region and held a meeting with the neighborhood associations Al Quivir, Blas Infante and El Trébol, the women’s association Rosas Chacer and the association of merchants of Avenida de los Gavilanes.

The investment made it possible to replace a 40-year-old supply network with 633 meters of ductile iron pipes. With regard to the sewerage network, in order to achieve adequate hydraulic conditions and good drainage of rainwater and waste water, 881 meters of sandstone and reinforced concrete pipes with internal polyethylene lining were installed. The works also included the complete redevelopment of the affected streets according to a design in which the residents and traders themselves participated.

With sidewalks now wider, architectural barriers have been removed and pedestrian routes have been created, while tree pits have been laid out and flowerbeds redesigned. As for the roads, the asphalt has been completely changed and they have new horizontal signage, and the complete renovation of public lighting is planned. Given the extension of the area of ​​intervention, the very configuration of the planned networks, the significant presence of services, as well as the extent of the paving replacement work (notable in particular on the sidewalks), the work were programmed in two phases Completely cover the entire wide spatial area that defines the affected section. “Once the works are completed, the result will be an environment that will have considerably improved its accessibility and the image of the neighborhood,” noted the mayor of Seville.

The mayor, who was accompanied by the delegate of the district of Cerro Amate and also the delegate of urban habitat and social cohesion, Juan Manuel Flores, also analyzed other improvements demanded by the inhabitants and merchants for Rochelambert, especially those related to roads and the garden. areas. The meeting also discussed the implementation in this neighborhood of the socio-professional integration program Integra Sevilla 2021-2022. Specifically, the Randstad Foundation is running a project in Santa Aurelia, Cantábrico, Atlántico, La Romería, Juan XXIII and Rochelambert. With a municipal contribution of 300,000 euros for an initiative of 360,000 in total, this entity reached a population of 535 inhabitants, including 267 from the social transformation areas of the neighborhood, who participated in activities and dynamics of improvement of skills and professional integration. . Of these, 74 have to date achieved effective professional integration and 131 have developed professional practices.

Rochelambert, likewise, will benefit from Lipasam planning a new auxiliary park specifically for Cerro-Amate, which will result in better cleaning, and the district has had a group of 41 operators in the past two weeks Joven Ahora employment plan focused specifically on the neighborhood that has already started working to improve the maintenance, conservation and image of their neighborhoods.

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