The Town Hall resists a visit to the work of the Labrit footbridge to find out its status

For the second consecutive week, the majority of the members of the Pamplona City Council Planning Commission requested a visit to the works of the labrit walkway to know your status.

During the session held this Wednesday, the representative of the EH Bildu Borja Izaguirre again raised the request with the delegated adviser for mobility and strategic projects, Fermín Alonso, after the request made last week did not received response.

In his brief statement, Izaguirre referred to the agreement adopted a month ago in this same committee and the delay in the repair works of the walkway, closed since 2016 after the detachment of several plaques.

The mayor was interested in the technical evolution of the works in progress, the effect they will have on its structure and the forecasts of its completion taking into account the additional cost generated. “What we want is for you to lift the tarps on this track and tell us why so much money is being spent.”

In turn, the spokespersons of psn Yes Bay of Geroa, Maite Esporrin Yes Javier Leozrespectively, acceded to Izaguirre’s request.

According to the answer given by the representative of Sum of Navarreit does not seem that the visit of the members of the Planning Commission to the podium is a priority for the government team.

Alonso pointed out that the technical information on what is being done on the podium is available to the groups in the file and in the documentation on the reform project.

“It makes me feel like what you want is not technical information, but to continue with the circus,” Alonso replied.

Esporrín in turn added to the importance of knowing in situ the development of the works and pointed out that it is customary in the Urban Planning Commission to visit the interventions that are carried out, such as the one he celebrated shortly before the session with a visit to the works of the Trinitarios lift.

Work to repair the footbridge began in March, after the scaffolding had been installed. The contract was awarded to the company Obras Especiales Edificación e Infraestructuras SAU (Obenasa), for a value of €593,717.97 (VAT included) and was to last fifteen weeks.

More money

On July 5, the Local Government Board approved an increase in expenditure of 122,116.64 euros after the failures detected in the dismantling of the infrastructure, which at first glance were not noticeable. The city council announced that as a result, work on the footbridge would last until September this year.

Alonso did not give a deadline for the completion of the walkway work, which has the collateral effect of affecting the completion of the Labrit cycle path which must pass under the structure under construction.

The city council has granted an extension to complete said bike path until December.

repair project

According to the initial execution plan drawn up by the Company Alonso Cobo Engineering Studio SLalso in charge of construction management, the work involves strengthening the foundations, replacing damaged sheet metal and hydro-cleaning to remove corrosion, maintaining the current structure and appearance as far as possible.

Concretely, the foundations are strengthened in the areas of Jito Alai and the Crescent and in other elements, such as the longitudinal ribs, the load-bearing beams and the upper handrail, in addition to replacing the plates in poor condition. Among the new construction units, the linear meters of weld bead have been increased to weld frames and longitudinal beams, as well as bevel cuts and handrails. The walking surface shall have a non-slip, waterproofed sidewalk finish. Once the works, which are carried out by the company Obenasa, have been completed, dynamic and static load tests will be carried out before it is opened to pedestrian traffic.

The City Council of Pamplona will demand from the parties responsible for the project, the technical direction and the execution of the works, the payment of all the expenses caused by the damage to the walkway and the process of finding solutions, as well as the costs of the repair, including what was detected during the execution phase and which motivates the higher cost and increased time.


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