The Treasury is reluctant to remove the obstacles that keep more and more construction companies out of public works

These are bad times for poetry in the music business building. A los problems de falta de mano de obra que arrastra desde hace años y el más reciente que le está suponiendo la subida exponencial del precio de las primas materia se suma poco a poco otro de carácter técnico pero de gran calado en su actividad: el de the ranking of contractorswhich is beginning to affect even the largest companies in the world without the Ministry of Finance having removed, for the moment, the bureaucratic obstacles and the anachronistic requirements which are the cause.

In order to carry out work, construction companies must obtain some kind of card or classification that the Treasury grants them for each type of project after evaluating both their technical or professional solvency and their economic and financial solvency. This classification determines the type of work and the economic amount of work that can be performed and the problem, depending on the sector, is that the criteria for determining it have become totally obsolete. The current classification standard comes from a Ministerial Order of 1968, which, with slight formal touches, has survived to this day. At that time, as they explain from construction, companies tended to be intensive in the use of labor and in their own machine park, so at that time having sufficient resources of the two types was a reasonable condition for obtaining the mentioned classification.


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