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Twenty-five doctoral students from different European institutions have participated since yesterday in the EURECA-PRO Young Researchers Forum, whose working sessions are held in the Darwin building on the Vegazana Campus. This Forum kicks off an intense week of work for the EURECA-PRO Alliance, in which the University of León (ULE) has been present since 2020 alongside eight other European universities. And it is that the meeting of doctoral students is joined by the meeting of representatives of the European institutions of the Alliance, tomorrow Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. in the El Albéitar building, to draft the proposal for renovation and expansion that the Consortium is requesting in the IV Call for European Universities 2023. This event will be followed, on the 20th and 21st, by the II EURECA-PRO Conference, an interdisciplinary forum for professionals, academics and scientific experts in responsible consumption and production.

The debate sessions of the EURECA-PRO Young Researchers Forum revolve around research in various fields such as engineering, economics, urban planning, health, environment and education in order to promote the search for alternatives and solutions to one of the main problems that the current society faces, the way of producing and consuming the inhabitants of the planet. The forum contains a strong development component on transversal tools that aim to enrich the work of doctoral students, such as teamwork, leadership, communication and co-creation.

The five days of work and scientific interrelation have four mentors guiding the teams: Jan Bongaerts from the Technical University of Freiberg (TUBAF) in Germany, Marcin Górski from the Silesian University of Technology (SUT) in Poland, Sabin Ioan Irimie from the University of Petrosani (UP) in Romania, and Laura Estévez Mauriz from the University of León. In addition, this morning they attended one of the two learning workshops on communication tools given by Andrea Serrat and Renata Bove, from Octava Corporate (Barcelona).

In order to offer an interdisciplinary encounter to the participants, the Young Researchers Forum will be combined with the II EURECA-PRO Conference on Responsible Consumption and Production, to be held on October 20 and 21 at the University of León (ULE) and which will be a place to share their experience, scientific results and the latest advances to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 12 set by the United Nations.

The II EURECA-PRO Conference also aims to be a reference for leading researchers in this field to discuss current and future challenges and innovative solutions taking into account the technological, humanistic, economic, social and environmental dimensions of consumption and responsible production.

Plenary sessions will be given by Artur Grisanti Mausbach (Royal College of Art Research Centre, London) on Thursday 20 October, on ‘Anti-Ephemeral Design for the Responsible Production and Consumption of Mobility’, and Alexandros Stefanakis (Technical University of Crete), Friday 21, on the ‘Establishment of artificial wetlands for sustainable water management in a circular economy: examples and case studies’.

The official opening of the Conference will take place next Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Biology. However, the day before, tomorrow Wednesday, the meeting of the twenty representatives of the European universities that make up the EURECA-PRO Alliance will be held in order to draft the renewal proposal that they will present to the fourth Erasmus+ European Universities 2023 call for applications published two weeks by the European Commission.

With this new call, the European Commission continues to roll out the European Universities initiative with a record total budget of €384 million. EURECA-PRO will apply for the categorized funding line “Intensification of prior in-depth institutional transnational cooperation”, aiming to provide in-depth institutional transnational cooperation support to European university alliances selected in the 2020 call, as is the case of EURECA-PRO. The alliance was founded by seven institutions; Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria), Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Technical University of Crete (Greece), University of León (Spain), University of Technology of Silesia (Poland), University of Petrosani (Romania), University of Applied Sciences Mittweida (Germany), to which two others joined; University of Hasselt (Belgium) and University of Lorraine (France).

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