The unions will denounce the Council before the Labor Inspectorate for “violation of the Equality Plan”

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Trade unions CSIF, CCOO and UGT will denounce the Junta de Castilla y León before the Labor Inspectorate for “non-compliance with the First Equality Plan for Public Employees”. This was announced by Regina Álvarez, of the CSIF; Tomás Pérez, from the UGT; and Pilar González, representing CCOO. The three entities also require a meeting of the monitoring committee, “since a report and an annual evaluation report on the evolution of the Plan should have been prepared”, they specify. In addition, they criticize the “total and intolerable disinterest of the Council and its ministries for the Equality Plan” and underline that “the calling of elections cannot serve as an excuse for its paralysis”.

The unions deplore “the Non-compliance with the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Equality Plana year and a half after its approval at the General Negotiating Table of December 23, 2020 and its subsequent publication in the Official Gazette of Castilla y León (BOCyL) on February 22, 2021″. CSIF, CCOO and UGT criticize the Council which has not data to be able to evaluate the follow-up of said Plan.”After a year and a half, we find ourselves in the situation from the beginning”, indicated Regina Álvarez, who also recalled that “only three ministries attended the last meeting, which suggests that the Commission has no interest in seeing this Plan continue.” In this situation, as Tomás Perez pointed out, “the Commission contributes to perpetuating existing situations of discrimination”.

As they explain, “the first consequence of the non-application of the Equality Plan is the mistrust which is generated towards the Junta de Castilla y León, after a new breach of an agreement with its public employees”. The unions also recall that “the application of the agreement to recover the 35-hour day is still pending weekly “, and point out that “the regional government has entered a dangerous dynamic of non-compliance”.

Others consequences One of the lack of development of the Equality Plan, according to Pilar González, is the impossibility of “implementing objective selection systems for contract staff, guaranteeing real and effective equality between men and women. Nor was it possible to develop and apply a protocol for pregnancy and lactation; or that a pool of recoverable working hours has not been created to facilitate the reconciliation of professional life with family and personal life”. Likewise, “the implementation of specific protocols for action against sexual harassment, or guaranteeing the professional career and mobility of public officials who are victims of gender violence, is pending. In addition, a gender approach has not been integrated into the Occupational Risk Prevention Plan, which recognizes the differential impact between men and women, assessments and planning of prevention activity”.

The three organizations point out that “the Council has not presented a comparative analysis of the remuneration of the workforce by sex, by professional classification and for similar jobs, in order to reduce the gender pay gap that exists”. Nor “nothing has been done in the administration of the Junta de Castilla y León” in terms of incorporating inclusive language or excluding sexist images. “We have been deprived of the development training and awareness-raising actions that promote co-responsibility; breaking roles and stereotypes, equal opportunities and against gender violence,” they say.

CSIF, CCOO and UGT recall that “the operating rules of the Plan monitoring committee have not been drawn up, nor an annual schedule of actions specified”, while “it took seven years of negotiation and a complaint to Labor inspection that the Council accepts an agreement with the trade unions to approve an Equality Plan, without any progress so far, when its validity is only two years, so that it is about to end. We do not have the time.”


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