The V health space awards its research prizes for collaborative work


The management of Health Area V, with headquarters in Gijón, this Wednesday presented the 2022 Innovation and Research Awards, which recognize nine works in the fields of medicine, nursing and health care. innovation, among the 29 projects presented at this 32nd edition.

The jury appreciated the “high quality” of the winning works, many of which have been published in international journals, with a “high impact factor”, and some of which are the result of collaborative projects in research groups from different countries. .

First prize in the medicine category was awarded to the work “Establishment and persistence of a glycopeptide-resistant Enterococcus faecium ST80 and ST117 clones within a health-care facility located in a low prevalence geographic area”, published in Microbial drug resistance by Carlos Rodríguez Lucas, Javier Fernández, Carmen Raya, Alberto Bahamonde, Antonio Quiroga, Rosario Muñoz and M. Rosario Rodicio. It is a collaborative work of the Microbiology Services of the University Hospital of Cabueñes, the Central University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA), the Translational Microbiology Group of ISPA, the Department of Functional Biology of the University of Oviedo and Hospital del Bierzo.

The first second prize in this category was awarded to the study “Mesenchymal stem cells as a cornerstone in a galaxy of intercellular signals: basis for a new era of medicine”, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences by Silvia Fernández Francos, Noemí Eiro, Luis A. Costa, Sara Escudero Cernuda, María Luisa Fernández Sánchez and Francisco Vizoso, from the Research Unit of the Hospital de Jove Foundation.

The second runner-up was for the work “Urinary Citology by lavage and monosymptomatic macroscopic hematuria: experience on its usefulness in a high-resolution consultation” published in the Spanish Archives of Urology by Pablo Sánchez Verdes, Sergio Fernández Pello, Iván González Rodríguez, José Javier Salgado Plonski, Laura Alonso Calvar, Pelayo José Suárez Sal and Luis Rodríguez Villamil, from the Urology Service of the University Hospital of Cabueñes.

The jury also awarded two mentions of excellence in this category to “Oral versus long-acting injectable antipsychotic treatment for people with severe schizophrenia”. A 5-year efficacy follow-up that Juan J. Fernández Miranda, Silvia Díaz Fernández, and Francisco López Muñoz, of Area V Mental Health Clinical Management Area, published in The Journal of nervous and mental disease; and the book “Mesenchymal stem/stromal cells and their derivatives in acute diseases: emergency in the post-covid-19 era, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences”, by Francisco Vizoso, Silvia Fernández Francos and Noemí Eiro , researchers from the Youth Hospital Foundation.

In the nursing category, the work “Prevalence and associated factors of frailty in adults over 70 in the community” was recognized, which Lara Menéndez, Anaí Izaguirre, Salvador Tranche, Ángeles Montero and María Isabel Orts, from the Center of health of El Coto published in the magazine Atención Primaria.

For its part, the project “Psychosocial and pharmacological approaches to improve treatment adherence and outcomes in people with severe schizophrenia: a 10-year follow-up”, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice by Silvia Díaz Fernández, Francisco López Muñoz, received the second prize and Juan J. Fernández Miranda, from the Integral Treatment Center of the Zone V Mental Health Clinical Management Area.

In the Innovation category, the first prize was won by Sergio Fernández Pello, from the Urology Service of the University Hospital of Cabueñes, for the international collaborative work ‘Perioperative impact of body mass index on upper urinary tract and renal-robot- assisted surgery: a single high-volume center experience,” published in the Journal of Robotic Surgery.

The second prize in this category is a prize shared by the departments of urology and radiology for their project “Usefull soft contrast enhanced echo for evaluation of cystic renal masses”, which Pelayo José Suárez Sal, Sergio Fernández-Pello Montes, Patricia Laura Caveda Rodero, José Javier Salgado Plonski, Laura Alonso Calvar, Pablo Sánchez Verdes and Luis Rodríguez Villamil have published in the journal Urology General.

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