The work of the França station, stopped due to technical problems

The huge blue mesh that covers the emblematic roof of the França station gives the impression that the deep rehabilitation works are in progress. The reality, on the other hand, is that the works have been temporarily paralyzed and it is not known when they will resume.

The works managers, in conjunction with the rail infrastructure manager (Adif), “are looking for a new technical solution adapted to the construction procedure”, according to sources involved in the works. Adif refuses to detail what exactly is the problem encountered during the work but confirms the situation of temporary suspension of work on the roof. To resume them it will be necessary to write a modified project.

Operators have stopped working at height pending the development of a modified project

Until then, the workers have stopped climbing to the top of the station, where many of the polycarbonate sheets installed thirty years ago still remain and have been scorched by the effect of the sun or directly half-broken by the wind and storms. . They are, however, continuing to work on the car yard facade canopy, which is unaffected – at least to this day – by the problems they encountered re-roofing.

“In no case are we expecting all the works to be paralyzed”, defend Adif sources, who also rule out any link between the problems at França station and the increase in the costs of raw materials from which many public works. In this case, they insist, it is a purely technical question.

This place accumulates several precedents of failed rewards and even works halfway

It is not the first time that the reform of the roof of the França station has been paralyzed and the precedents are not at all encouraging. In 2011, a construction project was drawn up which was never completed. Five years later, in 2016, the update of the technical document was ordered to improve the system of construction of the proposed actions, but it was not even put out to tender. The condition of the structure continued to deteriorate and in 2018 minor emergency work was carried out to remove items that could fall on trains and passengers and protective netting was installed for safety. At the end of that same year, the major rehabilitation works were once again put out to tender and this time they were awarded, but the company in charge of carrying out the works left the works half finished and with no more leaks. than ever.

About to start the improvement of the Arc de Triomf

As things get tough at França station, they set their sights on the Arc de Triomf, another doomed project in Barcelona’s infrastructure that has also suffered contract changes and winning companies resigning for bidding too low in recent years. . This time it seems that things are definitely changing after a new award of the works by Renfe for a value of almost three million euros. The works will consist of an extension of the platforms so that they can park trains up to 200 meters on the Maresme line. Thus, with dual composition trains, up to 30% more seats can be offered even though the frequencies are the same in a tunnel that is already almost at its limit. The works will last about ten months and will be carried out by the temporary syndicate of companies formed by López Instalaciones Eléctricas and Contratas Vilor, the same construction company that was forced to temporarily suspend work at França station. However, Renfe hopes that in this case nothing will interrupt one of the simplest and cheapest but at the same time most important actions of the Rodalies plan.

As part of the Rodalies 2020-2030 plan, it was again put out to tender last year and was awarded in early 2022 to the company Contratas Vilor, which was awarded the order for an amount of nearly of four million euros and a deadline for execution. of 16 months. In the spring the works began and throughout the summer they advanced, although the picture presented by the infrastructure did not change much compared to the situation before the works which were to be completed on next year and now they are suffering yet another setback.

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