The work of the Jubilee of 2025 is already underway

The Pope has set the horizon for the Jubilee of 2025 in order, as he himself said, “to restore an atmosphere of hope and trust, as a sign of a new rebirth which we all perceive as urgent”. In fact, the chosen currency is pilgrims of hope. A year of grace that has already begun with the preparations. The Fratelli Tutti Foundation —established by Francis with a chirographer signed on December 8, 2021—works discreetly and almost in the media shadow on various initiatives to weave communities of service that go out to meet those who suffer with concrete initiatives.

One of the most interesting is called Synodal paths of the Jubilee. It is a journey in nine stages – three per year by 2025 – “to create networks, bring people and associations together, and thus help to organize and cultivate hope”, as summed up in the official media of the Vatican Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, Archpriest of Saint Saint Peter and President of this organization which functions as a melting pot for education, intercultural dialogue, art, religion and the economy. The objective is to rebuild social friendship and bet on fraternity, an antidote against exclusion and hatred. This year is structured around the themes of closeness, closeness and care; Next year the axes will be reconciliation and the purification of memory, and in 2024, love for politics. Three phases that will lead to the Jubilee of 2025. “We welcome the contributions of civil society to link them to the dimension of the Vatican basilica: the charism of Peter and the spirituality that makes it beautiful”, declares Gambetti.

the anthem is missing

The Vatican department dealing with fundamental questions of evangelization in the world, dependent on the newly created Dicastery for Evangelization, to which Pope Francis has entrusted the organization of Jubilee 2025, has launched an international competition for the musical composition of a hymn that expresses the identity of this event. Proposals can be sent to the Vatican from January 16 to March 25. The conditions can be consulted both in as on the website of the dicastery.

The first of these nine meetings to build a more just world in the fire of the Pope’s encyclical took the form of a colloquium entitled Chinarsi sulla vita (bent on life). In the new Synod Hall at the Vatican, different associations and movements of doctors and nurses committed to serving the most vulnerable met on June 18 to share experiences of suffering, abandonment, illness and loneliness in different areas. . The second meeting – September 17 – brought together various organizations that deal with issues such as immigration, prison and poverty. Chiara Cardoletti, representative of the Italian branch of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), was among the speakers: “The Holy Father’s encyclical is the ethical and moral guide to embrace human solidarity. […] In its practicality, it helps us all to remember that international law is not something abstract, but is based on important values ​​and principles that led to the development of international law.

Currently, among the many organizations that have joined the Vatican initiative are Unicef ​​to the Community of Sant’Egidio, SOS Mediterranee, FOCSIV, AVSI, Slavery No More, Casa Foundation dello Spirito and delle Arti, Baobab, Padre Arrupe Center, Gruppo Abele or Talitha Kum.

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