The works are completed with a Doña Pakyta with more exhibition space in Almería

At an accelerated pace since this summer, the work of the interior adaptation of the Doña Pakyta Museum they reached their period, as communicated to Almería City Council by the contracting company for the works, Facto, which has already requested acceptance of them. The museum won volumes and exhibition spaces by adding to its facilities the basementor, that it will soon be open to the public, since the intention of the Mayor of Almeria is to celebrate this inauguration before Christmas and, therefore, the reopening of Doña Pakyta.

At least, that’s how María Vázquez reported it during the inspection visit that, together with the Councilor for Urban Planning and Infrastructure, Ana Martínez Labella, carried out last August, when it seemed that ‘there was a lot of work to be done to achieve this completion indicate.

From April 26 and following the indications of the project drawn up by the the architect Ramon de Torres, the work carried out allowed the installation in this house-museum five new rooms, two more for workshops and a multipurpose roomonce the interior linings, installations and painting have been completed, as well as the rest of the accessory elements for the fulfillment of its museum functions.

In addition, the works consisted of the application of insulation and waterproofing, air conditioning and ventilation installations, masonry and the laying of marble floors. There have also been works focused on the carpentry, false ceiling, electrical installations and other installations necessary for its use, reaching this milestone of completion of the works, which was communicated to the City Council by the company on November 14 .

After the verification by the municipal technicians that the work has been correctly carried out and the consequent, in this case, the acceptance of the work, the mayor will be able to inaugurate these new rooms and reopen visits to the Doña Pakyta Museumwhich since April has kept its doors closed to the public.

Still pending, however, its final execution, the works of adaptation of gardens and auxiliary constructions, adaptation of premises for restoration or the part devoted to ‘souvenirs’, financing in progress, if necessary, with an investment estimated at approximately 800,000 euros.This action, which is part of the Innovative Urban Actions initiative framed in the CAMINA Project and is 80% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

They will join the investment this year focused on what used to be the Gómez Montoya house in €278,790 rounded and the one originally used to transform this chalet in the old Plaza Circular, which was ceded to the city by Francisca Díaz Torres, of €800,000. The Doña Pakyta was inaugurated in the spring of 2015 with great public success. On the first day, the facilities were visited by some 600 people.

One of the nodes of the Camina cultural program

The Doña Pakyta Museum in Almería is part of the “Walk” program network. A municipal initiative that will culturally link the neighborhoods of La Chanca-Pescadería, the old town and the center with the revaluation of the art museum, the Mesón Gitano, after its musealization, and the rehabilitation of the old Katiuska cinema, converted into a new Public facility. It is already facing the start of works with the recently approved tender. It will take nine months of work and an investment of 1.4 million euros that will make this building located in the neighborhood of La Pescadería an audiovisual center for cultural activities.


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