The works for the creation of the nodes in Floridablanca and Circular will begin in October

It is not the first time that the government team organizes an act to present the intermodal nodes that will be established in the Floridablanca Garden and Plaza Circular, these areas in which all kinds of resources will be implemented to facilitate the passage, the transfer and charging of sustainable and public vehicles, but this is the first time that it has publicly announced the precise details of the project and proposed specific deadlines. The presentation ceremony, at the Alameda de Colón, brought together the mayor of Murcia, José Antonio Serrano, the councilor for sustainable mobility, Carmen Fructuoso, and the mayor of European programs, Juan Fernando Hernández.

Creating the two nodes will involve a large transformation in about 56,000 square meters and they will be connected to the network of lanes reserved for buses and bicycles, they will have parking spaces for scooters and electric bicycles, where citizens can change their mode of transport. “You can park your bike or your scooter, recharge them, take a taxi, a city bus, a BTR (Rapid Transport Bus), or the tram”, specifies the mayor of Murcia.

Presentation of the intermodal nodes, this Monday at the Alameda de Colón in Murcia Juan Carlos Cavall

With the new planning, high priority will be given to public transport in the Floridablanca node with the creation of a cycle path, the connection with several exclusive bus lanes and several electric charging stations. In concrete terms, four stops will be created for the BRT, 20 bicycle parking lots, 20 for scooters (with charging stations), 6 taxi stops7 car parks in the blue zone, 9 for residents, 33 stops for motorbikes, and 4 car parks for electric vehicles.

As La Opinion had already anticipated, this action This will involve the closure to private traffic of the Old Bridge, Plaza Camachos and the Alameda de Colón, which means that the only access to the neighborhood is through the Miguel Caballero walkway. Two lanes will be created in the Alameda de Colón, one in each direction of traffic, and a cycle path. “It will significantly increase the space for pedestrians,” Serrano said.

In reference to Plaza Circular, the new configuration will also mean a reduction in lanes for private traffic. This space that will be freed up will be occupied by independent platforms for urban buses and will facilitate the reorganization of traffic for the integration of BTR lines. The bike path will also be redesigned and, as in Floridablanca, stay and charging points for scooters and electric bikes will be installed.

José Antonio Serrano reveals to journalists the details of the municipality’s mobility project Juan Carlos Cavall

This area, report municipal sources, will have 6 BTR bus stops, 20 bicycle parking lots, 20 for scooters with charging stations, 6 taxi ranks, two electric vehicle parking lots, and a charging point for buses, the so-called pantograph.

These projects have a budget of 4.7 million euros, 80% of which will be financed by the European Union. The city council estimates that the CO2 savings it will generate throughout the year will be around 5.9 million kilos. The works are currently the subject of a call for tenders and have a completion period of 6 months. According to the mayor of Murcia, work could start next October and be completed before the summer of next yearit is therefore foreseeable that there will be partial reductions in traffic from there.

“These two projects join others that will transform mobility in Murcia, transforming the municipality into a much friendlier, more sustainable place, and with notable improvements in public transport,” said the councilor, who has describes his government’s sustainable mobility plan as a “revolutionary change that will mean more space for people and less for road traffic”.

Objective: reduce 200,000 movements per day

According to José Antonio Serrano, with the implementation of these projects “it will be possible to go from 615,000 passenger vehicle movements per day to 404,000 movements since unnecessary travel will be avoided”, such as the search for parking, urban shortcuts… Thus, traffic calming will be generated in the heart of the agglomeration thanks to a Low Emission Zone, the implementation of which is mandatory according to the Climate Change Charter. Law and Energy Transition, and more 2,400 spaces in new dissuasive car parksassuming 178% more than currently exist.

They will generate “chaos” and “circulatory collapse”

The PP of Murcia defended this Monday that the projects announced by the mayor, José Antonio Serrano, will generate “chaos” and “circulatory collapse”as party sources reported in a statement.

For the spokesperson for the People’s Group, Rebecca Perez“transforming these two strategic points of the city into surface parking lots for buses” will only “reduce the lanes reserved for private vehicles by 40%, without offering an alternative, which will increase traffic and multiply traffic jams”.

Pérez indicated that the alderman’s plan “Murcia is completely moving away from sustainable mobility objectives in which the PP team had worked”, which were “the decongestion of traffic, the “respect” of environments and the reduction of polluting emissions”.

“The socialist mayor’s announcement confirms our worst suspicions and confirms that the PSOE will plunge Murcia into chaos due to its lack of technical rigor and managerial capacity,” said the “popular” municipal official.

PP proposal

Faced with the decision of the PSOE to “transform the Circular into a parking lot for buses”, the Popular Group presented, in its strategic project ‘between seasons‘, his proposal of “to make this environment more pleasant and recover space for pedestrianswhile diverting traffic by building tunnels and underground car parks”.

Likewise, the PP proposal for the surroundings of the Jardin de Floridablanca and the Gran Vía consists of reducing the presence of the bus in the area, opting for the tram and the Rapid Transit Bus (BTR) as an alternative.


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