“The works must have showers and space for bicycles”

World Town Planning Day.

Miquel Lacasta, professor at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, is committed to greening cities so that the heat island effect disappears, retains water better and generates oxygen.

He sees the climate emergency as a tremendous opportunity to equalize the design of cities.

He believes that super-islands are the most powerful case of advanced urbanism in the world, with the concept of the city in 15 minutes.

Barcelona, ​​November 7, 2022. Miquel Lacasta i Codorniu, professor at the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture and winner of the 2021 National Urbanism Prize for the Gagarin Truillot Agrocity project in Ivry sur Seine from the Archikubik studio, has said today that all workplaces should be equipped with showers and places to park bicycles.

Coinciding with World Urban Planning Day, which is celebrated tomorrow November 8, Lacasta recalled that “in Barcelona the weather is exceptional and it is always surprising that bicycles are not used even more intensely”.

The urban planning specialist has opted for radically vegetated cities and for the horizontal dimension of the city to be always vegetated, whether it is the street or the terraces. “With that, the heat island effect would almost disappear, we would retain water better and generate a lot of oxygen,” he said.

Cities, according to him, “are the key to the future or can be the key to failure” because “they occupy only 2% of the planet, but consume 75% of the energy and emit 70% of C02”. The expert believes that if the whole city is greener, closer, better equipped with services and therefore more accessible on foot or by bike “we will stop talking about privileged neighborhoods”. “The climate emergency is the great opportunity to equalize the design of cities and not only to increase the quality of the less favored areas but to abolish the privileges of polluting to the most favored areas,” he added. .

The professor at the UIC School of Architecture points out that super-blocks can be the key, because according to him “it is the most powerful case of advanced urbanism in the world, with the concept of the city in 15 minutes, which the pandemic has revalidated”.
Lacasta believes that cities should be designed from multiple perspectives, and one of the most fundamental is that of gender. “Poorly lit and dangerous streets, alleys of fear, recessed doors are important aspects to ensure safety. Also for teenagers, children, the elderly,” he stressed.

The professor from UIC Barcelona recalled that in order to carry out the Agro-cité Gagarine Truillot project in Ivry sur Seine, which won the National Urbanism Prize awarded by the CSAE to the Archikubik workshop in July, he had to “spend almost six months sitting face to face with associations, neighbors, groups, with workshops for teenagers, seniors, children and women’s groups, of course”.

The expert considers that today the territory of urban planning is no longer the city, but the planet. “Town planning must no longer be accountable to society, but to the ecosystem, that is to say to humans, but also to all that is not inert, trees, plants, mammals, insects, etc. The field of town planning and architecture has expanded to all possible limits.We no longer build in a district, starting from a district that we build on the planet”, concludes Lacasta.

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