The works of the church of Finestrat falter: the town hall will not continue to pay, for the moment

FINESTRATE. Work on the parish church of Sant Bertomeu de Finestrat strained relations between the town hall and the bishopric. The mayor, Juanfran Perez Llorca, put on the table the situation in which these works find themselves, after the consultation of the PSOE during the round of prayers and questions of the last plenary session. The first mayor was candid about the events that had taken place over the past year to rehabilitate the roof and the dome of the temple dating from 1752.

Thus, he explained that about two weeks ago he held a meeting with representatives of all parties. A meeting in which there was a ‘very bad surprise’ as they asked for an agreement which was pending signing last year but which has not been signed ‘because the church has not submitted the application on time,” the mayor said. The intentions, always according to the version of the popular, is that it be taken back so that the city council can seize this money and pay with it for the work done so far.

It seems -continued Pérez Llorca- that the company that carried out the work on the roof and the dome did not collect the invoices from the bishopric because it hopes to have the money from the Consistory to pay“. He then explained that he had rejected the proposal, assuring that the city council was not going to sign any more agreements because they did not agree to pay the invoices for certain works “which from the outside seem badly executed”.

At the same time, he spoke of “professional misconduct” which they believe the company had for repeatedly starting and stopping work. This would have caused landslides on the roof, according to the mayor, recalling that when “the works were stopped, the rains came and caused the collapse”. In addition, he noted that since it is an external work, they cannot take disciplinary measures: “It is directed by the bishopric in a building which belongs to the bishopric and that the optional direction of the works is designated by the bishopric.

In recent years, the church has undergone several works for its improvement. They did it with economic collaboration agreements “to guarantee these jobs”. Then the mayor explained that the meeting also served to remind the bishop “of the nature of the agreement we had reached at the time”. The first offer they made was to hand over the parish to the town hall, draw up a master plan for the works and, if necessary, join the works to complete the church. But he says they refused. Therefore, it was established that they would make financial contributions which were always around 50% of the performance.

Remember that the decision was taken with the maintenance of historical and cultural heritage in mind, “and even religious for those who practice it”. But the contribution must not exceed half of the investment “because the property belongs to the church”. However, he noted that this was not realized either because with all the interventions carried out, the Consistory had paid around 70% and the rest the bishopric.

“Le trasladamos que así no se puede seguir”, dijo Durante el pleno, temiendo que se tuvieran que firmar “convenios de año en año de 20, 30 o 40.000 euros” y que pasaran 10 años, con la iglesia sin terminar ya lo mejor “in ruins”. At the same time, he warned of the delay in finding a solution and the problems that can arise from being homeless.

Counter offer

However, they announced that they had made a counter offer to which they were awaiting a response. This consists in the bishopric assuming the costs of the works, “because they have also contracted it” and the town council demands a plan for the completion of the church. He said then that they could even increase the prize money from 50,000 euros to 400,000 or half a million euros because they have a balance. “But as long as we have a calendar of dates to see when it’s finished and a determined work plan,” he added.

Pérez Llorca mentioned that currently there is no agreement to continue the execution of the works by the city council, which does not mean that the bishopric will continue the project. “We are waiting for an assessment to be sent to us, a draft agreement based on the conditions we are setting now“commented the mayor.

For him popular, during the work, both its management and “those who executed it” were negligent. “The thing I want to say out loud is that I think it is not acceptable to ask the town hall to pay for the work of something that we consider to have been poorly executed,” he said. he declares. Pérez Llorca ended his speech by saying the following: “What cannot be is that the Church has not opened any disciplinary case against anyone and now they are coming to say: ‘Hey, pay , I want to pay for the work. do not open it because since the money is not theirs…”, to which he added that “either they change their attitude or the town hall will not continue to sign the agreement”.


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