The works of the Integral Plan of Asphalt and LED Lighting in the towns of the Partido de La Costa advance « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

As part of the ongoing works to add services throughout the neighborhood, the Municipality of La Costa continues to move forward with the paving works and the placement of LED lighting in Lucila del Mar and San Bernardo.

“We continue to connect cities with roads and services for La Costa 2030! We have gone through the final stage of the paving works of San Juan and Tucumán de Lucila del Mar streets, which will allow a better reorganization of traffic and circulation in the city”, highlighted the mayor Cristian Cardozo in his social networks.

“The same will happen with Garay Street in San Bernardo, that in a few days we will lay the asphalt. When finished, it will connect the neighborhood with the secondary school, the primary school and the kindergarten, the church, the modular hospital and the sports centre,” the community leader added.

Cardozo explained that in these areas more than 50 blocks of asphalt are added. In total, there are 20 blocks in San Juan d’Obligado in Córdoba; 19 blocks in Tucumán de Hernandarias in Salta; and 12 blocks to Garay d’Elcano at the collector.

Asphalt and Led light

In addition to these blocks in San Bernardo and Lucila del Mar, 21 other blocks are planned for Villa Clelia: Güiraldes d’Espora in Pueyrredón and La Colectora in Estanislao del Campo, Sacconi and Blanco Encalada streets.

This important artery of Mar de Ajó, where the Villa Clelia community center is located, will thus be added to the global asphalt plan carried out by the municipal management and which includes the installation of LED lighting and the general beautification of the public space.

Since the beginning of this year, work has also been carried out on 200 new asphalt blocks to integrate neighborhoods, institutions, schools and shopping centers. Currently, one of the most important works in progress is the paving of San Juan and Tucumán streets, which will allow the creation of an internal corridor that will connect San Bernardo, Costa Azul and Lucila del Mar, and in this way the compression of transit through Mendoza street.

Thanks to the Global Asphalt Plan, the work of the new ring roadway has also been completed 800 meters from Aguas Verdes, which covers the area of ​​Plaza Islas Malvinas, Kindergarten No. 914, Primary School No. ° 14, the church and other institutions. of the Civic Center of the city.

Likewise, the Municipality has designed a work plan that will be carried out in the city center of the district. This program includes the new asphalt at Diagonal 21 in the Las Quintas neighborhood of Santa Teresita, from Calle 17 and Calle 50 to Calle 14 and 45, to unite with the paving of this populated neighborhood of Santa Teresita, where the garden of children N. 911, Primary school n°13, Municipal Sports Center, Municipal Natatorium and High Level Sports Center.

As for the entrances, the new sidewalk and LED lighting was done on Roldán Avenue in Nueva Atlantis and at the historic Mar del Tuyú entrance on Avenue 94, both were sand accesses. And the repaving of the accesses to San Bernardo, Lucila del Mar and Mar del Tuyú by Av. 79 has also been carried out.

While in San Clemente, sidewalks are being built on Avenue III in the area of ​​the Municipal Nursery “Cosme Argerich” and the Municipal School of Fine Arts. This will facilitate the movement of the large number of students, teachers, residents and neighbors who pass through the site daily. Alongside this work, progress will also be made in the placement of LED lights to provide greater safety and visibility in the area.

New asphalt and LED lighting was also completed on Avenue III de Talas del Tuyú at the Municipal School of Fine Arts, where six blocks were paved to reach the educational facility that borders the municipal nursery in asphalt.

In San Clemente, the new asphalt will also be continued soon in the second stage of Naval Avenue, as well as the installation of LED lighting and traffic lights.

In a first stage, the stretch of Avenida Naval that goes from Calle 80, at the height of the bus station, to Avenida I has been tarmacked and now it will continue from this point to Calle 28 , uniting the entire Avenida Naval with asphalt and LED lighting.

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