The works of the Plaza de Salamero enter a new phase with the exterior urbanization and the execution of the new exit ramp for vehicles. New. Zaragoza City Council

Plaza de Miguel Salamero begins a new phase of exterior urbanization works, after completing the reform of Calle del Teniente Coronel Valenzuela, with the execution of the new exit ramp from the Calle de la Morería car park and with the installation of flowerbeds and anchoring of elements on the reconstructed slab. This was verified this morning by the Minister of Town Planning and Equipment, Víctor Serrano, who visited the progress of the works both outside and inside the parking lot, the upper slab of which gave way. several centimeters at the start of 2020 and triggered “this work of great technical complexity and of long duration”, recalled the city councilor, who returned “to thank the infinite patience of the neighbours, traders and schools in the sector, who are the most affected by the inconveniences caused by the works”.

Currently, the work schedules remain within the established deadlines to complete the tasks in the first months of 2023. “The urbanization of Calle del Teniente Coronel Valenzuela, between Coso Alto and the Plaza de Salamero itself, is already complete . , and is open to circulation of residents and pedestrians”, explained Víctor Serrano, who indicated that “in this area, only the planting of plant species in the side flower beds is missing, an action that will be carried out later to ensure its establishment and development”.
In the same way, the machines are already working in Calle Morería, where the exit ramp from the underground public car park has been designed. “The enclosures of the old ramps, which were in the middle of the square, have already been executed, and the screen machine is now working on the future exit of the infrastructure,” explained Serrano. These tasks will continue throughout the month and then continue with further archaeological testing and the consequent excavation three meters deep to create the new exit for vehicles.

This action makes it possible to gain more public space in the square, outside of which the urbanization works are already visible at various points. On the one hand, the future electrical sectioning center has already been created, next to Cinco de Marzo street, which will allow the concentration of service connections and offer the charging of electric vehicles inside the car park. Also, in the center of Plaza de Salamero, the future flowerbeds for vegetation have begun to be designed and installed, and the hooks on which the metal structures that will make up the final design of this new public space will be fixed have begun. “The metal elements, where the vegetation will grow and expand in the future, and the furniture of the square began to be assembled in workshops to be installed later in a more agile way as the progress of the work,” warned Serrano.

Finally, in the basement, work continues to serve the car park. “The communication nuclei, that is, the new elevators and stairs for pedestrian access, which will be in the side areas of the square, are already quite advanced, all this after a work that required calculations of ‘engineering and high behavior of the structure”, explained the town planning councilor, who recalled that “a lot of work, those carried out inside for months, cannot be seen, but they are also necessary and fundamental to recover the use of the parking lot and to be able to carry out the urbanization of the foreigner, always with the maximum guarantees of safety and efficiency”. To open these new nuclei of communication, the existing structure had to be reinforced with 756 linear meters of carbon fiber, foundations for the new walls, shoring up the approaches, and openings, floor after floor, up to the connection with the ‘outside. .
Once again, Serrano wanted to “apologize to the neighbors for the inconvenience of these works, which have a great impact on the environment, for which we are working against the clock to limit these incidents among traders and neighbors “. Likewise, he asked for confidence in the final result, “because the near future of this square is to be a reference and an emblem of the city’s urban scene”. “One of the virtues of the project is that it will gain more space, it will appear bigger, and it will not be a place of passage, but of pleasure and coexistence,” he added.

The more than 9,000 square meters of the new square will be developed according to the general concepts of a green, ranch and recreation square. and a meeting place downtown. This is reflected in the final design that was generated after a citizen participation process called Reto Salamero, where citizen input was collected. Finally, the design that will now begin to be created in the square proposes the creation of an open and dynamic central space, visually unifying the neighborhood, with new multigenerational spaces with children’s games, physical exercise areas, a network of gardens and green space with pergolas that will provide shade, rest areas and sustainable energy functionality. In addition, large flower beds will be created with shrubby, floral and evergreen species, which provide chromatic variety to the complex. These are complemented by small trees, and even the recovery of one of the olive trees that once stood in the center of the square.

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