They are carrying out work to improve the beaches and promenades for the summer

Work on the beaches and walks

Machines moving sand, crews painting cordons, municipal staff replacing lights and workers placing street furniture are part of the postcard that can be seen these days on the Costanera Oeste, since The Municipality carries out various tasks to prepare the beaches and recreational areas for the summer. The countdown has already begun for the summer season to start on November 15.

Mayor Emilio Jatón supervised the progress of the works carried out on the promenade, as part of the urban recovery program that the municipality is implementing in different areas of the city in order to revalorize public space. The intervention is carried out from the southern end, where the corporeal letters are, to the monument to Artigas, at the northern end.

There, the total replacement of the lighting system is specified, the entire corridor is integrally painted, new street furniture is placed, the public space is arranged both in the pedestrian path and in the places of grass and of trees, and it is cleaned and conditioned the sand, among others.

Jason recalled that “We started six months ago complete works, which started from the beginning of the Costanera to the lighthouse, where you can already see that all the old streetlights are renovated and lit. Now we are going north, checking how the lights are working, but adding other tasks such as painting and signage, and filling in sand areas”he expressed.

The mayor also pointed out that when it comes to lighting “We managed to ensure that from the boulevard to the Basilica of Guadalupe, 100% are LED lights. These are the Siete Jefes, Villa Setúbal, Guadalupe Noroeste neighborhoods and now the Costanera neighborhoods, where the entire lighting system is renewed and improved.he detailed.

“It’s a big step that we have taken, we said it and we are fulfilling it”he concluded.

Complete works

The director of municipal urban management, Matías Pons Estel, assured that “We are preparing for the summer season and we know that our protagonists are the beaches, as well as coastal walks and large parks”. The official added that “The work that began six months ago did not only concern lighting but also infrastructure of all kinds” and illustrated by “New pumps have been acquired for the basins of the Garay and Sur parks, in order to carry out global interventions.”

However, he recalled that one of the commitments was to renew all the lighting of the western promenade: “Since the Costanera has existed, it had old lighting and now that is changing. We are 60% complete, so there are still a few things to do. But at the end of the afternoon and especially at night, we see that the physiognomy begins to change”account.

Pons Este added that “On Almirante Brown Avenue, we are working to patch 40 specific points” and to this he added that “We intervene both in vertical and horizontal signage and in all spaces, in addition to the replacement of furniture and the improvement of urban trees.” As a remarkable fact, he mentioned that “We are working on accessibility so that no one has obstacles when it comes to accessing the different spaces.”

In reference to beaches and solariums, he pointed out that “Due to the natural process that occurs as a result of the downflow of the lagoon and the constant winds, the sand rises, covering the low road, so the machines carry out cleaning tasks to guarantee accessibility. ” “The idea is to put the sand back in its natural bed and condition the sector. But also, a team of harrows does the cleaning and smoothing every year and permanently »he said.

Photo: Municipality

a forgotten place

As part of the renovations carried out on the entire Costanera Oeste, works have been added to enhance the “Tambor de Tacuarí” square, located on the west side of Almirante Brown Avenue, at its intersection with Pedro de Vega Street.

It is a green space that has received little maintenance in 30 years, despite being in one of the busiest sections of the waterfront promenade. Today, the existing games are recovered and new ones are integrated, street furniture is added, the corresponding accessibility ramps are built, the sidewalks are laid out, the lighting works are completed, and the hydrowashing of the surfaces is precise. In addition, identification signage will be placed.

As explained by the municipal urban management area, the tasks include smoothing the surface with the placement of the necessary earth, the repair of the floors and the integral recovery of the lawn, as well as the corresponding pruning for the maintenance of the species. trees there.

Photo: Municipality
Source: Municipality.

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