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As of this Monday, the work of pumping and sanitation of the oxidation ponds in Altamiraactivity led by governor of Tamaulipas America Villarreal Anayathis is the start of a hydraulic infrastructure important for the industrial city, but what are the jobs?

The building of the water pipe drinkable of the Duport Water Pumping Plant located in the Miramar sector, leads to the disincorporation of the Oxidation ponds where 57 million pesos are invested.

This act took place in the Sports Unit Baseball Field at 12:00 p.m. in the presence of Mayor Armando Martínez Manríquez.

In addition, federal and local deputiesbusinessmen, elected officials and citizens in general who filled the esplanade of the sports ground and the stands.

It should be mentioned that this is the third time that the President of the State has visited the municipality of Altamira, during which he reaffirmed his commitment to start social justice works and improve the quality of life.

I am a governor of commitments, who keeps them when he sees the results. Here in Altamira you can see the results, when you enter the highway at the height of the town of Esteros you can see the results, with the improvement of roads, sports and public spaces in favor of the population

Armando Martínez Manríquez works in favor of the Altamirens and I will be here as many times as they invite me to start works for the benefit of the population“, he underlined during his stay.

During this work tour, the state agent signed the signature to start the construction of the drinking water pipeaccompanied by the mayor.

They thus proceeded to the symbolic signature of the works of the transmission line of potable water of the port factory to the area of The little boatthere is an investment of 61 billion 700 thousand pesos and it is estimated that they will be ready within the first four months of the year 2023.

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Pedro Cepeda Anaya, Secretary of State for Public Works reported “This is one of the most important jobs the state governor undertakes in his first quarter of state government. Two thousand 173 linear meters of 24-inch pipes will have to be laid, six thousand 934 meters of 20-inch pipes, with four pump pumps. pumping equipment from the Duport factory in El Barquito to distribute it to the Miramar and Tampico-Altamira sector

Thus, the Miramar area, made up of the Tampico-Altamira settlements, lagoon gate, America Villarreal Guerra, San Jose Subdivision and others in the southern area of ​​the city within the limits with the north of Tampico.

For what will stop depending on the pumping plant of the lagoon gate which belongs to Municipal Drinking Water Commission (comp).

the Governor of Tamaulipas moved to pumping station located on one side of Fundo Legal Street, in the downtown area of ​​the city.

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This has the capacity to move up to 200 liters per second of residual water; there are two submersible pumps of 100 hp (horsepower) and 100 liters per second each, and a vertical pump of the same capacity to operate with 2 and a backup.

In the same way, with discharge in a pressure pipe 16 inches in diameter and 3,500 meters in length to the entrance of Fraccionamiento Arboledas to continue by gravity in a 24-inch fiberglass reinforced polyethylene pipe and with an approximate length of 4.7 km to the culvert commmon Stone.

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This construction site will serve an estimated population of 37,000 of the central zone and part of the centre-north; has emergency plant in case of fault on the part of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

That’s why they started with favorable expectations for this work, given the resources they invest in hydraulic infrastructures for Altamira.


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