They are launching courses to access jobs that pay $270,000 a month


They will train 70,000 beginners and advanced students in programming languages. How and when to register.

The national government has just launched Argentina 4.0 programa platform that will form free a 70,000 people basic programming knowledge to develop software. The initiative comes from Knowledge Economy Secretariat which comes under the Ministry of Economy.

According to official data, Argentina has a constant shortage of qualified personnel for the technology sector, estimated at 10,000 searches per year. Lack of programmers and IT professionals. For this reason, from the secretariat in charge of Ariel Sujarchuk, they explained that this initiative will be articulated from the National State in collaboration with the education system and companies in the technology sector.

The idea is that these companies provide advice on their specific needs and add to your templates to graduates of Argentina 4.0 program.

“Achieving this goal will be a real revolution for the sector, as the various players in the knowledge economy agree. In turn, Argentina would take advantage of a unique opportunity to develop in an activity in which it has enormous potential and great comparative advantages,” stressed Sujarchuk.

In the country, there is a lack of programmers and IT profiles. Photo: File.

What is the Argentina 4.0 Program?

This is a national training plan for software-related tools. It offers programming, testing and digital skills courses delivered in collaboration with national and provincial universities, educational institutes and the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI). The objective of the plan is to promote placement in the IT sector and to strengthen the knowledge economy.

Unlike previous editions of the program, which included two courses (“I know how to program” and “I program”, nested), this time there will be 108 different courses which will fall under three categories: programming, testing and basic digital skills.

What is the purpose of Programming courses?

The programming courses aim to train new professionals in strategic sectors so that they can penetrate a market of great demand for labor both nationally and internationally with average salary of $267,000.

“Thus, the objective of increasing the level of remuneration of a dynamic group which grows from year to year would be achieved”, they indicated from the secretariat.

Moreover, another of the axes of Argentina 4.0 program is to train people who will be inserted in activities in line with the emerging agenda of sustainable development, which considers the importance of linking economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

In addition to programming, soft skills such as collaboration, communication, and leadership are required.

In addition to programming, soft skills such as collaboration, communication, and leadership are required.

What are the courses of the Argentina 4.0 Program?

The 108 courses will be offered by 33 universities and 7 training institutes -among which there are private ones- which should offer options for all types of students and there will be different modes of study: face-to-face, virtual, synchronous and asynchronous.

The participation of the universities, according to the officials, would make it possible to follow the academic evolution of the students who can follow the courses they wish if they validate certain knowledge beforehand.

For example, a student can take an introductory, intermediate, and advanced Java language course and accumulate 250 course hours in nine months. Each lesson will last approximately two or three months.

Two researchers from Stanford University, who belong to the Folding@Home project

Two researchers from Stanford University, who belong to the [email protected] project

What are the requirements to enroll in the Argentina program?

Beginner and advanced students in programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, PHP, games and tests. Here are the requirements to register:

  • Be over 17 years old.
  • Have Internet access.
  • Have access to a desktop computer, laptop or other mobile device.
  • Be an Argentinian resident.

How do I register and when do classes start?

The call for registration will take place next week and will close on October 12 because the monday october 17 classes are about to start.

To pre-register, click here.


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