They carry out clearing work on Avenida de Andalucía to prevent fires or floods

Granada City Hall has been carrying out cleaning work over the past two weeks on land granted to it in 2013 at the access to the city from Avenida de Andalucía, with a team from the cleaning company Inagra streets composed of seven operators and a foreman, in order to avoid possible fires and floods.

This was indicated by the councilor for maintenance and the environment of Granada, Jacobo Calvo, who clarified that with an investment of around 40,000 euros, it is the first time that action has been taken in this domain, which has been exposed to the “consequent risk”.

Calvo clarified that the section of about 2.5 kilometers in which the action was undertaken is located between Almunia Park and the roundabout next to the Mulhacén school, on the N-432 with the A- 92, more precisely in the median and in the two sides. “Given the state of each of these areas, this was absolutely necessary action,” he said.

The Inagra team, which worked with a tractor-shovel, a flatbed truck, a sweeper, a motorized tractor and manual brushcutters, collaborated with the Municipal Gardens Service, with the support of the UTE Sorigué Granada. The budget reveals the “depth” of the work, and “its arduousness”, as well as its “impact” since it is “not only clean but also safe”.

Trash was picked up and trees were cleared with “special security measures”, also with special signage due to the “high traffic density” in the area. In this regard, it should be noted that the local police contacted the Inagra company the week before the start of the works to collaborate on them.

Thus, for two weeks a unit has been mandated to “collaborate and secure the operators during the installation of the temporary signage to be able to carry out the cleaning tasks”. He also collaborated in the dismantling of these panels and during the service the area was monitored.

From Inagra it was reported to Europa Press that on August 22 these clearing and cleaning works began on the margins and median of the N-432 highway from kilometer points 432.750 to 435.00. This task has been planned in six phases of action, also in coordination with the Civil Guard.

It is one of the access links to the city of Granada and its ring road, which is why “the in-depth study of possible professional risks was fundamental before the start of the works and marked both the planning and the material and human resources intended”.

The material means that have been allocated to risk prevention, in the signaling of the work area were, among others, 60 medium-sized cones, and a light signaling vehicle for the compulsory direction due to the works.

The work has always been carried out against the direction of traffic for “greater control and visibility of the workers”. Regarding the progress of the work, the first four phases are already almost complete, and it is expected that the last two will be undertaken next week, by which time all the actions will probably be concluded.

As reported by the city council, the municipal maintenance and environment sector has planned a cleaning campaign this year that will clean up more than 400 lots, covering an area of ​​almost two million square meters. , located in the different areas of the city, in order to avoid possible fires due to high summer temperatures.

The clearing campaign began at the beginning of May and is carried out daily by about ten Inagra operators, with “more efficiency and speed” thanks to the incorporation of new tools such as the small tiller, and to which add the hammer that attaches to the tractor and the rotating mini excavator.

The efficiency of these clearing tools and vehicles allows “accelerating the work of operators”, especially in the case of new small machines with which it is possible to access spaces that previously had to be carried out manually.

The largest clearing machines not only cut and shred the shrubs, but also weed and bury the remains of plants, with which, in addition to taking advantage of the brush to enrich the ground, the work is also “more efficient” since it does not does not. It is necessary to assign operators to remove the remains of bushes and this translates into “greater speed” in carrying out the work of clearing the largest plots.

The clearing works included in the plan affect a very extensive list of land in areas such as Carretera de la Sierra, Cartuja and Camino de los Neveros, Casería de Montijo, Carretera de Murcia or el Fargue and Haza Grande.

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