They change 29 months in prison for 168 days of community work to a man convicted of gender violence in Cantabria

Cantabria’s provincial court has agreed to replace a 29-month prison sentence with 168 days of work for the benefit of the community for a man convicted of two crimes of domestic violence and one of gender, both committed in the form of physical violence , to grab his daughter by the neck and push his wife, who has fallen to the ground.

This was accepted by the third section of the AP in a sentence that partially revokes another from the Criminal Court Number 5 of Santander, issued after a speedy trial held in February this year.

The new resolution, to which Europa Press has had access, partly considers an appeal filed by the criminal law firm Ospina Abogados, and accepts the aforementioned change on the basis of the “lightness or lack of seriousness” of the facts prosecuted.

“There were no injuries, even slight ones, and there are no other particularly relevant circumstances”, justifies the court, which also took into account the personal situation of the accused.

Among them, that it is about “the economic subsistence of the family”, with which their “possible entry into prison would mean not being able to work or pay a pension to minors”.

Added to this is the express consent of the defendant to the sentence of work for the benefit of the community, according to the court, which underlines “the absence of the most absolute motivation by the judge of the sentence pronounced” of prison.

The man was sentenced to a total of 29 months in prison for two crimes of domestic violence and another of gender-based violence, committed in January this year and all in the form of physical violence.

According to the facts proven in the judgment, around 8:00 p.m. on the 17th and during an argument with his 15-year-old daughter at the family home, “guided by the desire to harm her physical integrity, he struggled with her and the grabbed it with the strength of the neck.

And then, when his wife intervened to avoid the attack, he pushed her and, after falling to the ground, with the intention of “damaging the dignity” of the woman, he insulted her.

The judge also considered as proven that in September 2021, the accused, with the same attitude and also during an argument with his youngest daughter, “squeezed her tightly by the neck”.

The man was sentenced for the two crimes of domestic violence to seven months and one day in prison and one year in prison, and for the crime of gender-based violence to an additional ten months in prison, a total of 29 months. (two years and five months).

In addition, for each offence, he was prohibited from carrying and possessing weapons for two years, from approaching his daughter and/or wife, home or workplace within 300 meters or communicate with them by any means during the same period, in which he is also disqualified from exercising parental authority.

On the other hand, he was acquitted of the minor offense of defamation with which he was accused.


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