They quit their jobs as hostesses to model for OnlyFans

  • Creators on OnlyFans made $3 billion in total revenue in 2021.

  • Currently, 86% of young people are full-time content creators.

  • OnlyFans distributes an average profit of 200 million euros per month to its creators.

Content monetization is a term that has become very popular in recent years, especially with the appearance of certain social networks such as OnlyFans. This is the story of three hostesses who became a trend on the air, who decided to quit their jobs to become OnlyFans models, now generating triple profits.

Currently, the number of content creators in the world is increasing day by day. According to data from the The Linktree company, in its “Creator Report”, there are currently about 200 million content creators in the world.

Given this, there are social networks where content can be monetized like OnlyFans which has become one of the businesses most sought after by young people and also by the elderly. Data from their report, in January 2022, they have accumulated approximately 248 million visits to the website.

In this sense, OnlyFans distributes an average profit of 200 million euros per month to its creators, According to the data that the company in 2021, only one percent of the tops earn 33 percent of the money generated on the platform, in addition, studies indicate that only 10 percent earn 73 percent of the profits generated in this network social .

The story

three working women as flight attendants, they decided to quit what they considered their “dream job” devote himself to creating content for the OnlyFans payment platform.

According to their story shared by The Sun, flight attendants decided that the benefits of downloading content for adults on this platform was much more profitable than working for airlines.

Workers who identify as Mia Ventura, Alexia Grace and Amanda Sommer shared their stories and Although the reasons for the change of each are different, at bottom they are all linked to an economic matrix.

According to Mia Ventura, the Only Fans model started her career in the Israeli Air Force and later became a flight attendant. However, one event changed her life forever, as during a 17 hour flight she met a man who completely fell in love with her.

When the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic were imposed, Mia decided to quit her job, she retired from the world of airplanes to venture into the exclusive content platform, succeeding and amassing 520,000 subscribers on Instagram.

For her part, Alexia Grace said that she left the flight attendant uniform with which she earned a salary of 737 dollars per week (about 14,000 Mexican pesos per week) at the airline Jet2.

“You don’t get paid as much as you should for the work you do. Customers could be extremely rude and the pay was only around $1,367 a month,” he revealed to the outlet.

In that same order, he explains that the change was for the better, at least financially, since he now earns, he says, around $30,000 a month, far more than he earned as a hostess. air in a year.

Once again, another story emerges from this social network, which in recent years has gone viral due to the particular success stories, for example. the woman who became a millionaire by selling content on the platform and decided to create a scholarship for young people.

In conclusion, beyond all the controversies it has generated, today social networks continue to consolidate within the community that seeks various alternatives to generate monetary income and different and daring content.

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