They resume rescue work on the bus that fell into the Lérez River to try to locate a ninth passenger


Until now, no one had reported the person missing, but she was known by the son of a survivor.

The bus that crashed into the Lérez River.ROSE GONZALEZWORLD
  • The tragedy The six lives shattered in the Lérez River: a student, a teacher… and the survivor, released from prison
  • Accident Six people died when a bus fell into the Lérez River in Pontevedra

Emergency services resumed the search on Monday morning to locate a ninth passenger who was traveling on the bus that fell into the Lérez River on Christmas Eve in the town of Pontevedra de Cerdedo-Cotobade. Sunday afternoon they were suspended due to doubts about the existence of this person, but this Monday it was confirmed and all tasks resumed.

Sources consulted by EL MUNDO have confirmed that so far no one has reported the disappearance of this person, a woman, but on Monday morning her existence was learned by the son of the surviving passenger.

So far, six bodies have been found and two people have been saved alive, the driver and a passenger. This woman’s son told the Security forces that her mother was traveling with a friend and so far she hadn’t shown up.

According to these same sources, it was a woman with no family roots, but with ties to her friend’s family, who sounded the alarm about her absence. Her friend, meanwhile, continues to be admitted to intensive care at the Montecelo Hospital from Pontevedra.

“An unequivocal tragedy”. These are the harsh words used by the mayor of the town hall of Pontevedra de Cerdedo-Cotobade, Jorge Cubelato describe the dramatic accident suffered by this Good night in your locality. A regular line bus that traveled between lugo Yes vigo fell from a bridge 40 meters high with supposedly nine people on board. Two were saved alive. So far, three bodies have been found inside the vehicle and three other bodies have been found in the water.

With the location of the eighth member of the passage around 5:00 p.m. this Sunday, the rescue teams had ended the search, which now resumes focused on combing the three kilometers of the Lérez river between the place of the accident and the Anllóns dam. Remains of the bus and personal effects of passengers recovered on Sunday reached this marsh.

For this, the GEAS of the Civil Guard and agents specialized in high altitude rescues will work, both from rafts and by immersing themselves in the water. On Sunday they were taken care of by rescuers from the Galician Coastguard Service on board the Fishing II after finding a defect in I’m fishing.

In addition, the Deza Fire Department, the Pontevedra Fire Department, A Estrada GES, the Cotobade Civil Protection, the Height and Aquatic Rescue Group and the Civil Guard GEAS, the Logistic Support Group of the Galician Emergency Agency (AXEGA) participated in the research. ) with an advanced command post, shelter and amphibian, the Disaster and Emergency Psychological Intervention Group (GIPCE) of the College of Psychologists of Galicia, the Health Emergencies of Galicia-061, the Municipal Service of civil protection of Lalín and volunteers of the civil protection of Pontevedra.

To research

The Civil Traffic Guard maintains an open investigation to clarify the causes of the accident, which at the moment has all the open hypotheses, although they are inevitably linked to the Adverse weather conditions that night in this area of ​​the interior of the province of Pontevedra.

At the moment, it has already been confirmed that the driver tested negative for alcohol and drug use. To continue the investigation, it will be necessary to save the bus, which remains in the bed of the Lérez river for a few 40 meters deep from the bridge from which it fell and is completely filled with water. This circumstance complicates rescue tasks.

Now the technicians of the Borne des Routes de l’Etat de Ministry of transportation they perform all sorts of analyzes and calculations on whether the bridge can support the weight of a heavy crane needed to lift the weight of a bus full of water and how to restrain the vehicle. It may be necessary to use two cranes.

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