They supervise the permanent cleaning works in the Sumidero Canyon

Governor Rutilio Escandón reiterated the call to continue this work to offer tourism a clean ecosystem

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Governor Rutilio Escandón Cadenas led the supervision of the permanent cleaning of the Sumidero Canyon which is carried out jointly between the dependencies of the three levels of government and the boaters’ cooperatives, where he reiterated the call not to let our guard down and continue to to make common cause in this type of task which allows to preserve the natural resources of Chiapas.

After visiting and verifying that this natural beauty is free of solid waste and organic contaminants, the President pointed out that, despite the intense rains recently recorded, the Sumidero Canyon appears transparent and without the so-called plug, which indicates that the works of cleaning and de-silting of the rivers give good results.

“Chiapas is rich in biodiversity and culture, and we as a society have a moral obligation to protect and preserve them; For this reason, we work responsibly to keep this natural wonder, considered a World Heritage Site, clean every day, especially since it is a site visited by domestic and foreign tourists. We all have the right to benefit from it, but it is an honor for those of Chiapas who come from elsewhere and see that they are taken care of,” he stressed.

In this sense, Escandón Cadenas highlighted the improvement works underway at the “Ángel Albino Corzo” International Airport to become a key logistics center for commercialization, as well as the actions of paving the streets and rehabilitating the rainwater system and wastewater treatment plants. , while stressing that, thanks to the sum of the efforts, Chiapas is not only doing well in terms of security, but is also the fourth state at the national level that has recovered its economy after the pandemic and the second that has reduced poverty. at work.

In this regard, the Secretary of Civil Protection of Chiapas, Luis Manuel García Moreno, indicated that this year almost 9,000 cubic meters of solid waste have been collected, 95% of which are organic materials such as wood, logs, rubble. , and a smaller percentage is plastic, however, he said, all this affects the ecosystem, so it is necessary to remove it. He added that these actions allow visitors to have an enjoyable, safe and risk-free experience; In addition, it generates economic income, thanks to tourism, for which it has subscribed to the commitment to continue working and joining efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the Sumidero Canyon.

For her part, the head of the Ministry of Environment and Natural History (Semahn), María del Rosario Bonifaz Alfonzo, said that the cleaning of the Sumidero Canyon is due to the sum of wills and is a sign of a government with the interest of preserving the natural wealth of Chiapas, while recalling that transparency, perseverance and work are traces that this government will leave for future generations.

The director general of the Sumidero Canyon National Park, Roberto Escalante López, acknowledged the support of the authorities and the joint efforts with civil society and the 16 municipalities that have to do with the Grijalva river basin, in this type of task , which has allowed that currently, in this natural beauty, there is a record of more than 350,000 people who have visited this tourist site and it is expected that for the next holiday season it will exceed 500,000.

The president of the Cooperativa Multiservicios Turísticos Osumacinta, José Luis López Ruiz, thanked the opportunity to include them in these works, for which he approved his commitment to continue participating in the conservation of natural resources and contributing to tourism and the state economy.

El alcalde de Chiapa de Corzo, Leonardo Cuesta Ramos, agradeció al gobierno de Rutilio Escandón por preocupare y ocupare de mantener este atractivo natural limpio, preservando la flora y la fauna, y mainteniendo una imagen impeccable, gracias al manejo adecuado para mejorar y cuidar el environment. Thanks to these works, he said, it has been possible to reduce pollution and damage to the ecosystem, which represents an important economic trigger for the state and contributes to the strengthening of the tourism sector.

Were present: Federal Deputy Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca; local deputy Martha Verónica Alcázar Cordero; the Undersecretary for Tourism Development of the Ministry of Tourism, Erika Paola Mendoza Saldaña; and the captain of the Port of Chiapa de Corzo of the Secretary of the Navy, Isis Enríquez García.

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