“They told me that I would have more work, because there were few bald actors”

Robert Alvarez (66) takes part of his character with him in ‘Equus’, the show he directs and directs at the Infanta Isabel Theater in Madrid, in which he plays a psychiatrist facing his demons and to those of society. But in this conversation, more than demons, it was details of his way of being that he had ceased to analyze. Like his perseverance, for example: “I spent my childhood accepting rejection. I took the text reading test at first communion. Any. Then I wanted to join the theater troupe at the Corazón de María school. Any. I tried my luck in the rondalla and when I started to sing ‘Clavelitos’, after the curtain fell on me, I lost my breath. Again, nothing. I thought I was useless for this. But Roberto did not give up, he just let his passion hibernate: “Now that I say it, I realize how stubborn I am”. He seemed dedicated to technology: “Any electric toy would take him apart. Everyone thought he would be an engineer. I even started ‘teleco’ to please my father who wanted me to study for a bachelor’s degree”.

exceptional couple

Ultimately, theater poison is here to stay. “It was a casual thing, because for a while I thought it was bad luck to plan. It’s like love, which comes when you stop looking for it. As happened to him, within the profession, which is a universe in itself. His wife, Martha Molina, is an actress and theater teacher: “I advise you to have a partner who has nothing to do with your world, who opens your mind to other realities. I tell my single co-workers “Find an industry expert!” But ours is exceptional. We have a bond resulting from the language we share. And as this profession is pendular, one relies on the other as it goes along. Roberto is proud of the family they have formed: “We have two brilliant children, very good people. minor, olivia, is 13 years old and is a volcano of emotions. She sings, she dances, she is affectionate, studious. The biggest, samuel (19), he is wiser in his relationships because of his character”. Father and mother share “dysfunctional schedules” which were distributed to get by. Despite the difficulties, Roberto appreciated his children: “I am grateful to not having missed their childhood. I lived them intensely. I recognize that I am boring, I talk a lot with them, but I am not the type to forbid or impose, I believe in the freedom of children to do what they want. ‘they want, within limits’.

He is pure Asturian: “I hear bagpipes and tears come to my eyes”. And he practices when he can: “When I arrive in Asturias, my cells are in order. It is a land of magnets, it calls to you. There is something special in the language, in the personality of its people”. He also proudly shows off his bald head: “Once I was told that there were fewer bald people, so I would have more work. That’s why I would never go to Turkey to get implanted. And look, we actors have a vain point. In fact, when they presented me at a gala as ‘the sexiest bald man in Spanish cinema’, I think I grew two meters all of a sudden”.


Roberto does not generally talk about his private life: “I am a simple person who does not cause scandal”. But he acknowledges that we live in a time of involution “where people are afraid of what they are going to say. Social networks have supplanted the castrating force of religion”, the engine of repression in ‘Equus’, a project with which he is enthusiastic: “Thanks to the success of commercial works, I can bet on other riskier ones” , recognizes the protagonist of ‘ Ana and the seven’, the series with which he gained great popularity and allowed him to befriend Ana Obregon“I cried like crazy when her son died. She came to the shoot as a child, we all went to Disneyworld… But Ana lost all her loved ones in a very short time. It’s very hard. He recently messaged me with such sincere and terrible words.”

The photo: The Italian idol

The clothes, the face, the gesture… Everything in this photo reminds us of an Italian idol. “Or a priest,” says Roberto. “Because when I was young, every time I traveled, people took me for an Italian or a priest. When they approached me to sell me something, they never spoke to me in Spanish. Always in Italian. The actor admits that he does not like to travel, but specifies: “I am having a bad time because I am poorly organized. I went to New York for two weeks and on the way back I stayed in bed for another week due to sciatica. I can’t blame myself for wanting to see it all. I’ve already learned a lesson.” But he also appreciated them: “Especially if it’s for work, like when I was filming in Paris or Rome, because in the end you go with local people who t ‘learn everyday life, the real corners, the secrets that tourists miss’.

Roberto likes to discover other worlds, but not to be a foreigner: “It’s just that with so many tours, even the most luxurious hotels no longer appeal to me. In my travels I’ve had trouble, because I’m into the adventure, I admit it, but now I imagine myself in a cabin in Peru, for example, living the experience without any rush or pressure. What Roberto wants is to be calm.


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